I swore I wouldn't. (or Photographers Vests and the Men that Love Them.)

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With more projects coming my way, and the possibility that over the next year I could be shooting in Ethiopia, Cairo, NYC, Romania, and Haiti, I am caving in and buying a photographers vest. I swore I wouldn’t and I can safely say this is one of my first clothing purchases I have made knowing full well it would be have a Cool Factor that registers in the negatives.

For those who arrived here by googling “geeky camera vests and the losers that wear them” – I am getting a Domke vest, in khaki. Ugh. Call me Doctor Livingstone. All I need now is a pith helmet. But the black ones would be brutally hot in places like Haiti. Domke seems to make the best ones for photographers and some of the other options out there are just way too techie and seem to scream “please mug me!” If you’re Canadian, order one from the US – somewhere like B&H in NYC sells them for half what you can get them here for. Clearly the canadian distributor is not adjusting his prices to reflect the falling USD.

I am consoled by this one thought – if it’s good enough for Steve McCurry, it’s good enough for me. (If I keep repeating this I will wake up one day believing it.)


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