Steve McCurry Workshop

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I have had a number of influences, photographically speaking. Like many other photographers I had an Ansel Adams phase, a Karsh phase,and a Henri Cartier-Bresson phase. Add Freeman Patterson to the mix as well. And Steve McCurry. But while I have been heavily influence by Steve McCurry, I had no idea who he was, only later when I learned he was the man behind the National Geographic image of the afghan refugee, the girl with the piercing eyes of dull jade green, could I put a name to my influence. He’s the man behind so many of the photographs that have become iconic to me. If you are not familiar with the bulk of his work, you should spend some time on his WEBSITE looking through the galleries. His images are astonishing and deeply human.

For two weekends in May and June 2006, Steve will be holding workshops in NYC. Cost is $950 but you also have to get yourself there, pay for hotel, meals, etc. But the chance to study with a man that is arguably this generations greatest humanitarian photogrpaher? As they say, PRICELESS. Regretfully I will have to cancel my weekend in Banff with Darwin Wiggett, but I can only afford one of these things and the McCurry workshop is way more money. Here’s hoping it’s not sold out.


  1. Hi David,

    Did you ever have a chance to go to the Steve McCurry workshop. How was it? You know, he charges $5500 for the same workshop now – even more than Jay Maisel! I love his work, though.

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