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Ok, while I suspect no one reads this thing, I am going to continue posting content – in hopes that one day my readership on this blog will number more than two.

Digital Workflow.

Here’s the way I do things, though I am working on it so it’s a bit in a state of flux.

1. Import images from CF card. Place them in specific folder

2. Open folder in Adobe Bridge, cull all the crap.

3. Batch Rename to reflect a series of files with meaningful names – usually specific to place and date – example Vancouver_Oct 22 2005_001.cr2

4. Burn images to CD

5. Create a WORKING IMAGES subfolder

6. Open specific image

7. Make exposure adjustments

8. Levels Adjustment

9. Contrast adjustment via Curves

10. Colour corrections.

11. Any specific post work that needs doing – cloning out dust, dodging, burning, etc.

12. Save image in WORKING FILES

13. Duplicate Image and crop.

14. Sharpen. I always sharpen last. These days I sharpen using CS2’s Smart Sharpen, but also use an unsharp mask on the lightness channel in LAB mode as occasion warrants it.

15. For greyscale and duotone conversions I use FredMiranda’s excellent BW Workflow plugin available for a song at

Any questions?


  1. But one of the ONLY luddites that seems to come to this site. Perhaps I should re-brand the whole thing: Photography For or something.

  2. What the heck is a luddite? And because I come to this site does that mean I am one? Should I be offended?

  3. I will leave a definition of Luddite to a better source than me. Try Wikipedia. If you don’t know what wikipedia is, you’re definitely a luddite. As to whether you should be offended or not – depends what you think of Luddites. I would suggest anyone with a digital SLR is not a luddite. But I have been wrong before.

  4. hi david! i know this is an old post, but just want to let you know … i do read your blog. thanks for all the tips! this one on workflow is exactl what i need. btw, is it still the same or have you changed your workflow now have written this way back in 2005? 🙂

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