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I’m pleased as punch (whatever that means) to have received a pdf of the spread in the new Photoshop User magazine featuring yours truly. Of all the magazines I get this one is the one I anticipate the most and get the most bang for buck on. Seeing three pages of my images is a real kick. Can’t wait to get my hardcopies.

If you don’t already get Photoshop User it means you aren’t a member of NAPP. You should be. If you do anywork in the digital darkroom and use Photoshop or Lightroom at all, a NAPP membership pays for itself. Link to NAPP HERE


  1. Congratulations David. I’ve been looking for the latest issue on the news stand but it hasn’t hit the east coast yet. Well done.

  2. Thanks, Jay. I don’t think this will hit the stands in Canada for a couple weeks. I think it hits stands in the US on the 8th, was mailed to subscribers late December.

    Nice to hear from you – hoping you’ve dug out from under the immense pile you were buried under.

    Happy New year, Jay.

  3. Congratulations. Your photos deserve to be seen!

    Can I ask a question? Do you ever need model release forms from the people you photograph? I always wonder when those are needed.

  4. Rosane – The simple answer is yes and no, and maybe. This is a topic that gets batted around alot. The answer depends on who you talk to, who the end user is, and what country the image is being published in, among other things. For editorial use, no release is needed in the US and Canada. For commercial use it should be. The onus lies with the publisher.

    What makes this problematic is that asking an illiterate person in Uganda to sign a release form in English doesn’t seem very realistic, or even legally binding. But some clients or buyers will demand it. So sometimes I do – when on assignment – and sometimes I don’t – on my own trips I do not bring releases. Perhaps I should, but it all seems pretty useless to me. Bear in mind, I don’t shoot for stock and I focus primarily on assignment work for my income, so I do what clients need me to do when I’m on the clock.

    Does this help?

  5. Many congratulations on a super article in Photoshop User. Your website is amazing and very inspiring.

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