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May’s wallpaper. Shot just outside the houseboat in Kashmir on last year’s Lumen Dei trip. Clicking the image should bring up a full-sized image. Click the thumbnail and a full-sized (1280×853) image will open in a new window. Right clicking that should allow you to save it and make it a desktop wallpaper. It’s early this month, mostly in an attempt to wrap my head around the new blog functionality.

In the migration to the new blog earlier wallpapers have been deleted. Call them casualties of progress. I thought about keeping them, but then what kind of sicko wants old, out-of-date calendars? We don’t encourage that kind of aberrant behavior around here.

Speaking of Lumen Dei, there are now less than 150 days until we converge on Delhi. We have 1, possibly 2 remaining spaces – if you’ve been stalling, now’s the time. (Get the “what the heck is he talking about?” here:

**If these are too small for you, leave a comment with your preferred screen resolution and I’ll start offering a larger one.


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  2. Hey David,

    The picture is beautiful and I tried to set it on my computer, but small is too small and stretch is blurry – am I doing something wrong??

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