Gitzo Fleece Pocket Extravaganza

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gitzofleeceThis looks awesome. I have a weakness for black fleece, and pockets. And anything that’s black fleece with a ton of pockets? Like crack cocaine. And this jacket from Gitzo is pricier than crack cocaine. The $400 price-tag invites the temptation to make jokes about getting fleeced. Sorry, I resisted the temptation but I am a weak, weak man.

Still, all things being equal, I would love one of these jackets. I wear a black fleece on almost every trip, even if I take it off on arrival. Gate agents getting picky about carry-on? No problem – empty your stuff into the pockets and you’re on your way. Want to go walk-about for a day and not take a bag of gear? This’ll do it. Unless you’re in Delhi in June, then you’re pretty much screwed – cause, baby, it’s hot outside.

Get the lowdown on this Gitzo fleece as well as their waterproof jacket, on the Gitzo site, or order them direct from B&H Photo – here’s the link to the fleece.


  1. The first thing that drew me to your blog was your February wallpper from the Sahara. I loved the golden sand contrasted with the blue sky. 1920 x 1200 would be awesome… Or what if you had a panoramic wallpaper (3840 x 1200) spanning two screens.

  2. You and your gear lust. I like the idea, but I have a feeling that the seams like rip easily after loading up the jacket to much. Fleece isn’t the toughest material along the seams…did they reinforce the stitching?

    Not to mention the $400 price tag! 🙁 You think Gitzo will help you out with this? 😀

  3. I love fleece as well, and I’d wear this in a heart beat if they gave it to me. But, it looks like the big pockets in the from might make it a little uncomfortable to lounging around in when not shooting.

  4. What would go in those pockets? Well PB & J sandwiches of course. Maybe a can of iced tea, some chips…

    People think photogs actually store gear there, when it’s really our food storage.

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