June Wallpaper

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June’s wallpaper. Shot in Quito, Ecuador. Clicking the image should bring up a full-sized image. Click the thumbnail and a full-sized (1280×853) image will open in a new window. Right clicking that should allow you to save it and make it a desktop wallpaper. Enjoy.

Last month I offered to start making these in a larger size if anyone wanted me to do so. I’ve still had no takers, so let me know.


  1. oops. So I’m posting from my iPhone and accidently posted my wallpaper request in the gitzo fleece posting. Sorry bout that.

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  3. Author

    Ok, Trevor, next month’s wallpaper is already made and in addition to the size I do now I’m giving you all a wallpaper that’ll work on a 30″ Cinema Display. That should hold you for a while.

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