NEED Magazine, New Baggage Rules, New Lighting Book…

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Aspiring humanitarian photographers will want to look into NEED – The Humanitarian Magazine. This is a first class magazine with excellent photography and a strong focus. It’s not filled with ads, just great stories and great images and a really elegant layout. If you’re looking for inspiration, this is it. Subscriptions start around $30 depending on where you live. There’s also a package with the subscription and the first 4 issues, all starting at $50.00



Aspiring environmental or conservationist shooters should be aware of E Magazine. It’s been out a good while longer than NEED Magazine and looks like a solid resource for people like my friend Nick Hall who shoots this kind of thing.


For traveling photographers with alot of gear: Air Canada’s checked baggage policy is changing as of May 15, 2008. Check details HERE. United is changing theirs effective today, May 5th. Check details HERE. If you travel within North America, now’s the time to re-check your carrier’s policies.


minimalistlight For location shooters looking to work on their lighting chops, Kirk Tuck’s new book, Minimalist Lighting, is available for pre-order on Amazon and is slated to ship on May 22nd. This looks like a great resource, though like you I’ll be waiting for a copy of my own. If I remember to do it I’ll post a review. (My record with book reviews is less than stellar. I read them voraciously but am less good at actually completing the reviews. What can I say, I get distracted.) Link HERE.


  1. I went out and got Tuck’s book, Minimalist Lighting and haven’t put it down since. It is packed with good stuff and rather than just another, dry photo “how to” book, it is actually a good read. How can you go wrong for a whopping $24 bucks at Amazon?

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