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In GEAR, News & Stuff, Travel, Uncategorized by David2 Comments has published their 2008 Traveler’s Choice Destination awards and the pdf is available for download HERE – if you’re passionate about traveling the globe this list of top destinations is a wonderful distraction.

While we’re talking travel and top picks for destinations, here’s a link to the Canon/Microsoft Top 100 Iconic Locations Contest. I don’t have much interest in the contest, but the top 100 locations are interesting. Always as interesting to see what got excluded as it is to see what got listed. Link HERE

Earlier this month I held an ill-fated design contest – up for grabs was a 4GB 300x Lexar CF card but the stipulation was that there had to be a minimum of 10 entries. I thought I might even bend for 9, but the total submissions tallied at 7, so I get to keep the card. Thanks to those who entered. Next time I’ll plan a contest that doesn’t fall directly into the middle of a planned blog-migration – that was poor planning on my part.

If my monthly desktop wallpaper didn’t do it for you this month, check out the offerings from colleagues Matt Brandon (link here) and Gavin Gough (link here). Just don’t tell me, I don’t handle rejection well.

In July I’ll be teaching for a week at the YWAM School of Photography in Kona, Hawaii. I’m very excited about spending a week in a small class unloading some of the grey matter I’ve been accumulating. I’ve been alot of places, but Hawaii isn’t one of them. Hoping by then to have a housing for my 5D or perhaps just one for a G9, but I’d love to spend some time snorkelling and shooting in the water. I live 30 seconds from the beach here in Vancouver but most of the year even the seals look like they’d rather be on land with a hot cup of coffee. Anyone with a passion for teaching knows how exciting this kind of thing can be. I’m counting the days…

rolleiflex-minidigiLastly, in the category of “I’ll never buy one but man is this thing cool” – the Rolleiflex MiniDigi AF 5.0 – I defy you to look at one of these and not imagine yourself feeling really artsy using one. It’s a tiny, 5 megapixel TLR replica and I want one. If money were no option I’d immediately order one of these, a black turtleneck, and a beret from – More info HERE.

Sure, it’s a toy, but it’s a really SEXY toy. I don’t mean to feed the gear-lust, but sometimes you just can’t help but drool.


  1. Just wanted to offer some feedback from my perspective. I was tempted to submit a biz card, but feel uncomfortable putting that level of personal info online. Putting up a version with marker scribbled all over it would probably interfere with the design. 🙂

    That mini Rollei clone is neat-looking but it’s a pretty horrible camera (and only a mediocre paperweight). Expensive too, for what it is. You could probably find an old, busted Rolleiflex for the same money, which would give you even more ‘pose’ factor, and probably produce better results… 8-o

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