Vancouver Photo Walk

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I’m thrilled to be hosting the Vancouver leg of the Worldwide PhotoWalk on Saturday August 23rd. We’ll be starting at 10am in front of Canada Place and walking through historic Gastown, winding up – I hope – at Steamworks to sit, chat, and wind it all down. Participation is limited to 50, so if you want in, sign up soon. More information, and to sign up, follow THIS LINK to Scott Kelby’s Worldwide PhotoWalk.

Basically it’s this: we meet, we walk, we shoot, we have a great time. At the end the best images of your choosing can be loaded up to a special Flickr group and you can win some stellar prizes. Again, for all the scoop – head over to THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE.

If you’re already signed up, or are planning to, leave a comment. I’d love to see who’s coming and right now I am unable to login to the Vancouver page to see the admin stuff. A glitch, I guess. Still, lemme know! I think this is going to be alot of fun and I’m looking forward to meeting y’all!


  1. I’ll be there representing Prince Edward Island since I just happen to be in the area that weekend.

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  3. Sweet! I’m in. And looking forward to it! Just a question — in the sign-up process, I’ve given the Photowalk authorisation to use my images created during the event. Will you be collecting those on-site, or how does that work? From the video it sounds like there’s no time to do any post. While that doesn’t really concern me (getting it right in-camera is king), I do find it slightly ironic… 🙂

  4. Hi David, My wife and I are joining you on the photowalk and are really looking forward to it. My wife and I actually met Sharon a couple of months ago at the Dooce meetup and had a great conversation with her. Will she be part of the photowalk?
    I just saw you review of the Pogo and it was very good. Are you planning on making it a regular feature on your blog?
    See you in a couple of weeks!


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