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Shot this at a picnic last weekend with the G9. I had to take his toys away for hours before he finally had a meltdown. Just kidding. It was a grab shot, one of those flukes that just turns out expressing the moment. If it works for you it’s a good example of emotion trumping “perfect” technique. If it doesn’t work for you, it’s just a bad example of really slow shutter speed. Before you send me hate mail for taking photographs while the little guy had his meltdown, he’s not mine. His dad was on it, I was just the insensitive friend documenting the over-tiredness – it’s more fun that way.

My guest blog spot over on Photoshop Insider is over and I’m back in home pastures, but it was a really wonderful experience. Thanks to all for the kind feedback.


  1. There is something that just feels good about some good ol’ blur. The largest canvas print we have in our house is a blurry shot of Rowan walking under a bridge. Not only is it blurry but its horizon is tilted severely. And not only is it tilted to an extreme but the tilt goes down from right to left. But man it just feels right even with so much wrong. Not sure if a link is appropriate but if not go ahead and remove it.

    And thank you for posting on the other blog. I am working my way through finding good reads as I try and step away a bit from the site that I “play” on and gear myself more to what we really want to do with our photography. I have never really spent any time at Kelby’s site but I plan to now.

    And the family is fine although we are just stupidly busy on all fronts. We will catch up again soon.

  2. To be honest, it doesn’t quite work for me. Perhaps a little too chaotic… I don’t know. The thought is there, but it just doesn’t quite come to fruition, if that makes any sense.

  3. Okay, that there’s the gauntlet throw-down. What a truly sweet shot, timfythetoo. With a few exceptions I’ve been trying to eliminate blur from my shots of my daughter, but forget that. I’m gonna go superglue my camera on 1s exposure, and that’s all there is to it!

  4. Thank you Brad. That came from a side project on a photo challenge website that I play on. A group of people comitted to posting an image a day of blur. Any kind of blur. It was challenging yet extremely refreshing. I did learn alot about how to use my camera settings and also how much sensor dust I owned.

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