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tencentsOne of the goals I’ve had with this blog is to form it into a community of like-minded and like-hearted photographers like yourself. This is beginning to happen, and I couldn’t be more excited about the people that are hanging around here. So, with that in mind – would having a little more interactivity be of interest to anyone out there? I think if we could create some forums on the back end of this blog we’d be have a place to discuss this stuff in more depth and be able to initiate new conversations rather than just waiting for me to post something. The blog would go on the same as usual, but this would be an additional way of participating.

So. Three questions.

1. Are ya up for it? Is your immediate reaction, “Cool!” or is it a suppressed yawn?

2. Would this be USEFUL to you, not just a novelty.

3. If so, what kinds of categories do you see being most helpful to you and in line with the general direction of this blog?

Thanks in advance for the input, I’m excited to see if this goes anywhere. I’ll tell you now this would be a community effort and I’ll be enlisting some of the regulars as moderators. I’ll make you full-fledged Pixelated Elves and give you keys to the club house and de-coder rings and everything…

I’m making no promises here, just playing with an idea and want to know if…if I build it, will they come?

OK – I’ve added a forum. First, go HERE. Then register. Please feel free to poke around, give feedback, start some topics. I am so new to this I’ve probably overlooked a million things, but consider this a beta version of something better. Design will be tweaked, but it’ll do for now as I test out the viability of this. Thank you! See you in the forums.


  1. sounds great. probably some categories on equipment, shooting tips, examples and ideas ….these few spring to mind 🙂

  2. the best way to find out if it’s a good idea or not, is to give it a shot. but i’m sure you’ll have a great turn out. I spend way too much time on the computer so you’ll sure to see me post pretty often 🙂

    As for categories, shotting tips, maybe even deals on travel, great places to shoot, equipment tips…

    happy shooting..

  3. One thing with forums is that they are pretty hard to manage. There’s always spam bots and people who sign up and have no real respect for what’s going on. In all my experience with forums, I’ve found them to a pain in the butt, and they die out pretty quickly. I would talk to more people who have moderated such things.

  4. Considering TPN, I’d certainly look forward to participating in a forum of the kind i imagine you’d have i:e how it would be run and the kind of people taking part. For myself, I prefer that kind of environment as I can talk a glass eye to sleep sometimes when something interests me and a forum gives that opportunity to wander and expand on thoughts. Discussion rather than just replies 🙂

    Regards the technical side, a lot would depend on how you set it up i:e what software you used. It’s been a while since i’ve dipped my toes in that side of things but…

    spam shouldn’t be a problem on well-moderated sites. Most of the bots can be secured against and the only real problem comes from trolls. Again, they can be dealt with either by banning or subnet banning if the absolute worst comes to the worst and they’re on a dynamic ip but that’s a bit of a sledgehammer for cracking nuts.

    categories i’d enjoy would probably be related to the theory and philosophy of photography more than the technical but each have their virtue.

  5. I think a forum with specific focus on topics that are relevant to NGO’s, travel, etc. would be a fantastic idea. I’d support it in a heartbeat.

    For the generic stuff, I’d think there are a ton of other resources out there. … photo.net, naturescapes, fredmiranda, potn, etc.


  6. Most successful forums I have seen have a moderator or two for each category.

    Not sure how they do it, but Arstechnica uses it’s forums for comments on all it’s posts too. Just another idea.

  7. Another chance to learn…? Cool 🙂
    I’m with Mike… I think if you stick to the topics you’re really passionate about, the topics that brought us here in the first place, you’ll have a winner.

  8. As a buddy humanitarian photographer who counts PixelatedImage blog as one of his faves, I’m with Mike Huffstatler, I’d be more interested to see topics relevant to NGO’s, travel and whatever sets this blog apart from the others. The last thing I’d want to see is the forums turn into a gear geek argument fest (ie: Canon vs. Nikon) like a lot of the other forums out there…

  9. Agree with most of the comments so far. A BIG YES for a forum on the niche; NGO, photojournalism travels, people and places that not everyone have a chance to go to, etc…

  10. Hey David! This is just personal opinion of course, but I check out your blog to see what you are doing, what you have discovered or what you recommend. That goes for any blogs that I read and any interaction that I am after is interaction with the blog’s author. Then again, as someone has said here – the only way to find out how people will really react to this is to try.

  11. My Answers:

    1. Awesome idea followed by a semi-surpressed yawn. Awesome because it will be a forum full of like-minded photographers looking for tips on the best place to shoot in Rajhastan, Mali, or wherever. Semi-surpressed because forums take commitment and I’m trying to keep things simple. But if the forum is a success then they’ll be nothing to worry about.

    2. Yep. So long as I get off my arse and go and do so real travel photography. I’m not sure being a foreign resident of Japan counts anymore. But if the forum fills up with similar photographers then I can’t see how it won’t be useful.

    3. The latest Britney, Beckham, and Kylie Minogue shots.
    Oh sorry, I meant good solid travel, gear, lighting, cultural, and health advice for off the beaten track locations etc. And advice on the best chai stall in India.


  12. Let’s do it!
    Count with me on this one…
    I’d love to be able to talk about Vision, Gear, NGO’s photography, travel, Culture, Ethnic, People, Poverty, Photojournalism, “Changing the World”, etc. Most of the stuff that you have been writing about.

    It would be even better to count with photographers as your buddy Matt Brandon, Gavin Gough, Tewfic El-Sawy, among others…

    This will be “The” Forum!

  13. Maybe you could start with only one forum, with no specific assigned topic. That should give you rapidly an idea of what kind of topics people are interested in, and it would be for you to decide to create or not more forums according to interests. Something I would stay clear of is the ‘how to’ type, where endless discusions go on about equipment, lenses quality and so on, and the main topic is nowhere in sight: taking pictures, making images. As well as how to get there, transportation, border crossings, fixers in areas where they are needed, places with good/bad internet connections, etc… In any case I think it’s a good idea to try. And you do not have to take a commitment. If after several weeks you see that it’s going nowhere, you can just close it down.

  14. Sorry… my poor English…
    “As well as how to get there, transportation, border crossings, fixers in areas where they are needed, places with good/bad internet connections, etc… ”
    Obviously the kind of topics I would like to read, and contribute to when I have something meaningful to say…

  15. Author

    Thanks for the feedback, folks. Luc, you read my mind. I see us starting soft, with perhaps a couple really broad categories, and just seeing how things go. If things go well I’ll chose some moderators to overwork and underpay, and we’ll do a redesign, and really go for it. The hardest thing will, i suspect, just be gaining initial momentum. Still, if i can serve you all by heading this up, I’d like to.

  16. Well, I might be the only dissenter, and that probably tells you something right there.

    I’ve been coming to your blog for a while now, and I come for one or two specific reasons:
    1) You are a fine writer who adds humour to information, isn’t afraid to share his point of view (or rant), and stays to the creative side of photography.
    2) I can usually vist your blog, feel enlightened, and go back to photography, work, or pixel peeping in 5 – 10 minutes.

    I’ve found, personally, that one or two forums are all I’m good for. To be truly participatory I need time to think and respond. Currently I don’t spend nearly enough time with camera in hand. See where I’m going with this…

    That said, I think a creativity oriented forum would be an interesting idea. I’ll certainly lurk, but that’s all I can promise.

    Bonne chance.

  17. Yes, I like the idea of a forum that would cover the sort of areas you write about in your blog.

    There are photography forums that have been mentioned, and Lonely Planet Thorn Tree covers a lot of travel country specific topics as well as Techie gear for travellers. such as computers cameras, phones etc.

    Trying to cover areas that aren’t covered elsewhere, would be difficult, and if it did would perhaps be too niche. So, as said by others, why not give it a go.

    I think most people who already read your blog would probably be similar minded people and so not only would have a common interest in the topics, they probably would be able to share knowledge and experience in a positive way that would benefit us all.

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