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psu-dec08This month’s Photoshop User magazine is the usual excellent content, but with the addition of an article I wrote on Vision-Driven Workflow. It’s the featured article in the Lightroom Section. I’m not sure if this makes it a must-read or the one issue you can just skim over, but there you have it. Consider yourself warned.

If you’re not a NAPP member, ahem, you should be. This same issue also features Scott Kelby’s Gift Guide – so if you’re looking for ideas for your favourite photographer, Scott’s guide is a good one.

I know others have linked to this, but in case you limit your blog time and haven’t seen it – check out THIS POST at Gavin’s place about the Magnum blog’s list of advice for young photographers. While you’re at it, check out THIS POST at Pixsylated about high-speed flash sync. It’s excellent. I’m increasingly open to the idea of playing with my strobes while in the field, and it’s this kind of info that keeps me from tossing the darn things into the rubbish bin entirely. And David Hobby’s STROBIST too. If you loathe your strobe, you need to get over to STROBIST and get in on the lovin’.


  1. Great article! and the feature… When I received my copy in the mail (NAPP Memeber) I read the article and didn’t read the authors name and soon as I finished I talked my wife into posing for me to go through the motions. Thinking my vision through the post production and not seeing what happens. You sparked a moment of inspiration and something for me to ponder on my future shoots. Thanks

  2. Congrats on the article! I really need to become a NAPP member, and speaking of associations, do you have some opinions/advice on the ones we have in Canada.

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