Doug Menuez on Chaos, Fear, and Survival

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3 posts to read today if you didn’t pop in here over the weekend. After you read this piece, keep reading – there’s a Think Tank Photo giveaway and we’ve announced the next Lumen Dei Workshop  & Tour – Thailand.

Doug Menuez (pictured left) has written a prophetic piece for called On Chaos, Fear, and Survival: Longevity is the Answer and despite how long and boring it looks, you absolutely should read this piece. Menuez’ work and his years’ experience give all the street cred needed to back this article up, but it’s his heart and passion  – dare I say wisdom? – that make this article such a sucker punch to any waning motivation or doubts about your creative career that might be lurking in these worrisome days.

My favourite line: Time and again we see that the dollars always, always follow those who hew closely to that little voice in their brain and heart. Once you truly recognize how short and fragile life really is you understand that this is not a risk at all. If you take yourself and your work seriously it’s actually a life or death decision. It really is all or nothing.

Find the article HERE.

While we’re on the subject, David Hobby’s got a good article on the value of FREE that takes a different perspective on the issue than the one I wrote about HERE on Matt Brandon’s blog – not an opposing view, but different. I think what’s important is that people are recognizing the value of FREE, it just has to be done intentionally and on your terms. Click HERE to be taken to the Strobist article, Four Reasons to Consider Working for Free.


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  1. Thanks so much for posting the Doug Menuez article.

    I’m sat here at my computer after just coming back from the studio that I have been assisting at for the last three months. The photographer offered me a job but I turned it down. Every couple of minutes I suddenly feel like I’ve just made a huge mistake. Perhaps the biggest I’ve made so far. I’m 34, I live in Japan (where most English speakers outside of Tokyo are English teachers) and I only picked up a camera a couple of years ago.

    But the studio photographer likes photographing food and architecture. I don’t. I want to take photos of people – in Japan, in India, everywhere.

    I came straight back home this evening after our long chat, grabbed a beer, saw your post and read the article. I feel happier now. I’m going to be true to myself, regardless of money and security. I’ll probably fail. But so what? I have to believe in myself and try. Otherwise I’ll regret it. Forever.

    The Doug Menuez article summed up what I was trying to come to terms with beautifully.

    By the way, the article would go well with Chase Jarvis’ latest post.


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