Monday Resource Roundup – Updated

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aprmay09_large-copyA hodge-podge to start the week.

Photoshop World in Boston is over. And I missed it. And friends like RC kept twittering about what a great time they were having. Way to rub it in. Anyways, PSW happens on the west coast in Las Vegas this September October and I’m plannig to be there. Now that PSW Boston is wrapped the Photoshop World Website now has details about the Vegas conference . See you there.

Speaking of PSW and NAPP, the latest issue (April/May 2009) of the official magazine of all things Photoshop, Photoshop User Magazine, should be arriving in mailboxes soon (pictured above). Look for my article, Global Workflow, in the Lightroom section.

I’ve spent the last few days reading McNally’s latest book, The Hotshoe Diaries. I have so much respect for Joe and that probably taints the way I read his stuff but judging by the huge numbers of people who love him and his teaching, I’m not alone. Still, I’ll keep this brief and understated. The Hotshoe Diaries is truly excellent and should have a copy. I don’t do much flash work but Hotshoe Diaries, like Moment It Clicks, encourages me to do more of it, to see it in different ways. But even if I never picked up another flash, I’m learning more about light, and there isn’t a photographer on the planet that can’t use that kind of learnin’.

And while I am on the subject of flash, if you’ve read the book and are left thinking about the mountain of gear you want, remember that Joe’s work is excellent because Joe knows his craft, not because he has a mountain of gear. Some of his best stuff is shot with one camera, one flash, and some gels. So, before you go all spendy on your credit card, take a look at the simple lighting tools made by David Honl. Joe mentions them in his book and I’m a fan of them too. Convenient, lightweight, easy to pack, and if you’re smart about it and pack it all into a small stuff bag with gaffer tape and whatever strobe, cable, remotes, you use, you’ll have a lighting kit always ready to go. Check out David Honl’s line of flash accessories HERE.

Almost Web 2.0’d to Death. I’ve been making a real effort to understand and get under the hood of Twitter and Flickr. Flickr is still kicking my butt, if only because I feel like I need more time to give to it if I’m going to do it right. And Twitter, that never-ending stream of 140 characters worth of mostly garbage, well I nearly gave up. And then a couple folks – like Seshu –  heard me gasping for air in my little corner of the Twittersphere and pointed me to Tweetdeck. I’ll write something later about why I use Twitter at all, but for now – if you use Twitter and are finding it overwhelming, try taming it with Tweetdeck.

Lastly, and I’ve saved the best till last – if you have ever wondered what truly excellent portrait work is all about, wondered “How do I create portraits so good people will be talking about them – no! – BLOGGING about them- in 20 or 30 years?” – then you need to click THIS LINK right NOW. It will mesmerize you in a way that is not unlike the proverbial train wreck. Haven’t laughed this hard in a long time…


  1. Thanks for the link to “Sexy People”! That is just awesome, and I’ll definetely sift through it for inspiration (and a good laugh). Hope all is well David. 😉

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