1. Man, you made me miss Vancouver when I saw this. While I was there, I was not doing the photography thing. Doh! What a missed opportunity.

  2. Vancouver is gorgeous when it’s not raining! I am currently working in Coal Harbour area and eat my lunch on the sea wall viewing the snow capped north shore mountains. All the while, wishing I was photo taking instead of working. The mornings are especially beautiful.

  3. Now that makes me miss home.

    My wife’s first trip to B.C. started with a drive through Stanley park just after we had gotten off the plane. I got pictures of her catching her first rock crab down around the seawall.

    Thanks David.

  4. You took that shot with an iPhone? I’m gonna sell all my gear and crawl back under a rock (kidding). Damn David, that’s a really nice shot. Looks like you’ve got that “Vision” thing kicked up a notch or two.



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