First WTF Podcast is Live on Peachpit TV

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The first WTF critique podcast is live HERE on the Peachpit site. Hope you enjoy it. Wierdly enough when you click the video there it doesn’t scale, or it doesn’t for me, so click the Download Video file – or just click HERE. Sorry, it’s 7am here in Tampa but 4am where I come from. Cylinders not firing. (When is my coffee going to get here?!)


  1. You might want to let PeachPit know that this crashes (forces a reset) of the iPhone. I guess the video is encoded at a bit rate or resolution greater than the iPhone can deal with.

  2. Hi all,

    Sorry for the hiccups on the podcast over at the Peachpit site. We are fixing it now and will have an update for you soon.


  3. that a was lovely critique David…loved the way you spoke about the importance of conceptual contrast and relationships between different elements in the frame to tell a story….will wait for the next episode

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