Lumen Dei Ladakh – ONE spot open

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lumendei-09We had an unexpected opening in our sold-out Lumen Dei tour in Ladakh, India, this September. This is a chance to spend two weeks with Ami Vitale, Matt Brandon, and myself in some breathtaking places honing your skills. Ami’s not only a brilliantly talented photographer (National Geographic, etc.) but she’s a lovely gal with way too much energy, a keen eye, and a big heart. Details are HERE on the Lumen Dei site. This one’s going to go fast, so if you want in, it’s now or never. If you want in, send me an email HERE. Updated May 18: Spot filled!


  1. David…just a thought….considered giving a scholarship in lumen dei (strictly based on merit….perhaps after some portfolio check or something)….the fees of Lumen Dei workshop converts to arnd 200,000 INR (Indian Rupees) which I am not sure any budding photog in India or South Asia can afford…just one out of seven as a scholarship spot for any budding photog from India or South Asia…maybe the criteria can under 21/22/23 etc yrs of age and pursuing photography as a course or something…just thinking aloud!!

  2. After having been to India several times (unfortunately it was before the advent of digital photography), I can attest to the beauty found there. It’s an amazing place. I hope the person going really appreciates the people there. Although totally different from the USA, Indians are truly special. Ok, now I’m remembering my first landing at Delhi back in 1980. Oh, how times have changed.

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