Where In The World, August 2009

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Tomorrow I’m off to Thailand via Hong Kong for two weeks. I’ll be primarily in the north in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, with a couple days in Kho Samet at the end, all to gather a handlful of images for the third book, and to shake the dust out a little. As usual on these self-driven assignments I’m joined by Henri, my faithful travelling sidekick and partner-in-crime. The man is the stuff of legends, I tell ya. I’m excited about going to a beach at the end, he’s excited about eating bugs. Back on the 14th of August. If I can post a postcard or two along the way, I will, so check back, otherwise I’ll check in with y’all and give a report with some images once I’m back and the dust settles. Be good. As always, feel free to enjoy the blog while I’m gone, just don’t burn the place to the ground.

Check back tomorrow morning for the August wallpaper. Ciao!

Click the map to em-biggen it if ya need to.


  1. Wait, did you mention a THIRD book????? Can you slow it down just a tad? What are trying to do, make a living??? 😉

  2. As a long time resident of Chiang Mai I am looking forward to seeing some of your images from my adopted home town. What are your plans for shooting in Chiang Mai? Have a great trip.

  3. So good to have a great photographer like you to take photos of my country. Welcome to Thailand.

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