Where In The World, July 2009

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Back out on assignment. I leave Vancouver at 9am this morning, to Frankfurt through Toronto, and on to Addis. This one’s short, 5 days on location in Ethiopia, a couple hours outside of Addis Ababa. Looking forward to being there. Feel like I need a break and as odd as it seems for such long days shooting, it’s always nice to get away from email, blogs, social media and all the stuff that sucks us in and eats up our days. It’ll be nice to be shooting again, and back in Africa, which I love more with every visit.

I’ll be back on July 11, and will post something ’round about then-ish. Be good while I am gone. Try not to trash the place or burn the house down.


  1. Love seeing that map fill out in color. I pray you are having an amazing trip David. Looking forward to seeing what you come back with.

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