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This is my new eBook. It’s called 10. The subtitle “Ten Ways to Improve Your Craft. None of Them Involve Buying Gear.” just about says it all.

10 is my 32 page answer to everyone that’s ever written in and asked me “So, what can I do to make better photographs now? I have the basics but want to take my images up to the next level. Where do I go from here?”

10 is not a bunch of cheezy tips cranked out to make a few bucks. It’s an effort to move us collectively towards better photography without feeling the need to contribute to the growing pile of Quick Tips to Shoot Like A Pro. Anyone who’s been at this long enough knows that “shooting like a pro” (whatever that means) takes time and effort and anyone that tells you otherwise is selling snake oil.

ten-comp10 is being sold as a downloadable PDF, and I’m offering it at half price as an introductory offer to my blog readers. It ain’t cheap. At a whopping $5 it’s going to deprive a few of you of your latte for the day. ๐Ÿ™‚ But I’m moving the price to $10 in the fall, so this is your chance to get in on it and my chance to say thank you for being so loyal. If you loved Within The Frame, you’ll love this one.

See? 5’ll getcha 10 ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Excellent. I’ve been in a slump lately, and while I won’t complain too loudly about all these paying gigs, the reminder to go out and play, and practice, and try new things was timely. Thanks for sharing your wisdom, DD.

  2. I guess i would have bought it even if there was no text inside… just for the pics ๐Ÿ™‚

    Will be reading it in the next days… can’t wait!

  3. very nice litte ebook …. and beautiful photos as allways
    en un mot…. superbe

  4. Looks good for ยฃ3.56 … that’s 1.5 lattes I will have to forgo.

    The sacrifices I make!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. The muffin I can forgo easily but the latte is going to be painful! But, to catch some nugget from what you say will be worth the price.

  6. Nice. It’s the price of a couple subway trips in NYC. For that I get inspired and a good walk : )

  7. What do you mean gear won’t get me there? I’ve got to see this!

    Can’t imagine!!!


  8. Just got my copy – Great stuff David. The ebook is excellent and the Creative Exercise sections are such a nice bonus. Plenty of activities for me to get schedule now. Thanks

  9. Absolutely great. Perfect annex for “Within the frame”. Thanks so much for sharing this kind of stuff, it really helps a lot.

    I really do like the meaning of timing. It reminds me when I was a child and I used to go to a small lake in the north of Spain to draw frogs (yep, kinda weird, I know).
    The thing is, they usually jumped into the water the very first second you got close to them so then you needed to seat down without to make any movement for some minutes till they started appearing on the surface. It was kinda exciting, the 6th chapter brought this to my mind.

    Patience and patience, an almost lost value. We all have so many things to do.

  10. Hey, I get my coffee for free at work. So this was a no brainer. It’s a great little workbook to accompany WTF. Splendid teaching method. Each chapter is one principle clearly stated with any relevant sub-issues noted, well illustrated with great images and with a practical exercise so that it can really sink in. I see tremendous potential in this. I already know some folk I am going to recommend this to (alongside WTF). I think it would be great for say formal or informal photoclubs to help newbies get started and more experienced folks brush up.

  11. Pardon my stupidity, but….. is this a PDF file we can read with Acrobat Reader or do we need a real eBook reader hardware thingy? (pardon the technical terms)

  12. Will you have signed copies with you at the RS thing next week? Ha ha! Great little book. Worth way more! (I am glad I waited for the revised edition!)

  13. Get it while its hot because at $5 you can’t go wrong with this eBook. Best eBook I have read in 6 months!

  14. Thanks, David. Will be studying it this weekend. I sure need the inspiration.

  15. Well… may I suggest you should make it 11 things, and add an English (American will do) grammar book? “None of Them Involve Buying Gear.โ€ Should be “None involves…”.

  16. Author

    Marcel – You can suggest it but I doubt it’ll happen. I know the author and he’s mildly apathetic about such things at times ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Just got your book (Within the Frame) and ebook (Ten)! Browsed through it.. both are amazing ๐Ÿ˜€

  18. Just bought and started reading it. Having enjoyed WTF so much it was simply a non-brainer…
    Two observations:
    * It seems impossible to configure acrobat to shwo the correct page spread – the title page is counted as a page and so all the double spreads are offset by one. I will play with some pdf tools to remove the title page for better reading experience
    * The subtitle is counter-productive now that Sony has announced its sub-2k USS FF camera body and I try my wife to convince that this is a necessary tool ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Thanks for sharing your experience and pointing out the common flaws – Markus

  19. David,

    Like you, I held National Geographic staff photographers (back when there were National Geographic staff photographers) in the highest esteem. For me, ‘Within the Frame’ has been like having a veil lifted to reveal the inner sanctum. In essence, you have been a conduit to the ‘why’ of my search for vision. So, I gotta ask, ” Why leave the electrical junction box in the cover image?” You could have framed the shot tighter, you could have cropped it out during printing, or you could have PS’ed it out. Is it an element of contrast — new world meets old?

    And now, a riddle. Who was the first photographer to shoot digital for National Geographic?

  20. Rooster,

    Joe McNally was the first photographer to do an all-digital shoot for The National Geographic. The 32-page cover story was published in December 2003. It was entitled “The Future of Flying”.

  21. Hey David,

    Just bought your book (at 5$ even for a student it’s affordable) and I look forward to reading it tonight!

    Great work!


  22. Hey David,

    A great read as ever . . . thought-provoking and inspiring.

    I’m treating myself to two days solo in London in a couple of weeks, just me and the D90, and know that ‘WFT’ and ’10’ will be my mental primers, informing the why as much as the how (and hopefully breaking through my awful mental block about photographing people).

    Keep up the good work.

  23. Have been watching your podcasts and just bought your e book. Thanks for the $5 off! ๐Ÿ™‚ You really are great at teaching and explaining photography and am learning a lot!

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  25. Markus
    In Acrobat reader go to View/Page display and then click to select both ‘Two-up’ and ‘Show cover page during two-up’ (very bottom of the menu). It works on a PC anyway The cover page becomes a separate page and the other pages are in order.

  26. @Andy: Thanks for the hint (David already explained the same thing to me). I had used the context menu which does hide the ‘cover page’ option and therefore I was somewhat at a loss. The main menu only gives this option which I now happily use.

  27. Absolute bargain at $5. Thanks David, I need some inspiration at the moment.

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  31. Not bad. I’m not sure I’d pay $10 for it (it’s about the length of an online article) but at $5 it’s totally worth it. I should read more photography books.

  32. Thanks Dave, That was a great and inspirational read. You write great stuff. What I love about your books is that I leave feeling like I really have a grasp now about the subject!

  33. I’ve got my copy last night and I’ve already gone through it first time. I sincerely thank you for taking the time to let us to know your POV and foremost to share your knowledge. I think part of my brain is still stucked in the technical part of the craft yet not improving substantially on the creative side. I firmly believe your book will help. Great deal!

  34. David- I downloaded and read your ebook TEN, over the weekend. It is a great, short, precise and informative. I have been making mediocre pictures for waaaay too long and โ€œTENโ€ has given me some insight to what I need to take my photos to the next level. Many thanks.
    I am leaving for a Mediterranean cruise in a couple of weeks and plan on making lots of pictures, some I will hope to share.
    (new to blogging and posted this on Moday morning to Monday Miscellanea

  35. All,

    I’ve never used Lulu before, and was a bit put off by their terms and conditions. Specifically, they want to keep credit card info on file. Should I be concerned about this ?

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  38. I’d like to order the book but Lulu wants to keep my payment information online. I am not willing to let them do that, and have sent them an e-mail asking if there is an alternative.

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  40. Hi David,
    I spent 10 minutes on your site and knew I found the right spot to explore my newly renewed interest in photography. I wasn’t disappointed with the ebook.

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  53. A heads up to anyone thinking about purchasing these e-books from David duChemin.
    I purchased the 3 books promoted by Digital Photography School, “10 ways”, 10 more ways” & “Drawing the Eye” on 30.October (2 days ago). The link to download the books never came after the purchase as it should have.
    I contacted David duChemin immediately by email regarding the problem and to his credit he responded quickly and forwarded (only) the “Drawing the Eye” book in his reply. I sent a response straight away asking for the other 2 books I purchased and included a copy of my purchase receipt to validate the purchase. Now it’s 2 days later, 1.November and have yet yet to receive the books or a reply from David duChemin.

  54. Author

    Rik โ€“ I immediately replied to the first email and as far as I can tell did not get a second. If you did not get this email, just email me, Rik. My email and my phone number are clearly marked on my site and you are welcome to call it anytime if there is an issue. I have had very few issues with the e-commerce part of this this site, and on occasion when I have it has been resolved within hours, if not minutes.

    I appreciate you alerting my readers and potential clients, but making sure you connect with me is the fastest way to resolve this and get your ebooks.

    Your first email to me reads: I made a purchase as well and am unable to find where to download it from. Someone….anyone?

    I replied with: On purchase you get an email with the download link. If your current email differs from the email Paypal has on file for you, you might not have received it. If you still have no email with a download links please let me know and Iโ€™ll help resolve it for you.

    I have no record of further emails, so clearly weโ€™ve been mis-firing on the emails.(instructions attached for download of missing ebooks)

  55. All is well. Once Dave resolved the e-commerce problem I received the links and was able to download the books from e-junkie without a hitch. Thanks for the personal attention Dave.

  56. Just downloaded “10” and printed off.
    Arranged pages in Clear Sheet Protectors with the ‘twin pages’ opening as one, installed in binder, perfect! Now I can read in my easy chair or in bed. Don’t have to sit in front of the Comp all the time. Looks as if it will be great reading too. Have to dwnld some more later and put some of these fab tips into practise.

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