Where In The World, Sept. 2009

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Today I fly from Vancouver to Calgary to Frankfurt to Delhi. I’ve got a handful of days in Delhi with Matt Brandon, Gavin Gough, and Ami Vitale before the Lumen Dei team arrives. We then do two packed days in Old Delhi before getting a crazy-early flight to Ladakh, where we land in Leh at 12,000ft and begin a spectacular week-and-a-half in one of my favourite places on earth. Can’t wait. I then come home on the 27th, have two days to spend with my wife and clean up before heading to Las Vegas for Photoshop World. Talk about a bizarre cultural shift – from Ladakh to Las Vegas.

Ok, behave while I’m gone, make yourselves at home, but stay out of the liquor cabinet, and don’t forget to feed the cats. See you when I’m home, and if lucky I’ll send a couple postcards when I can. 🙂


  1. Yup – just got back from my first trip to Ladakh and its now one of my favourite places too. Slightly envious I’m not there on the trip (perhaps next year!).

  2. You’re living the dream life dude… kinda pointless to tell you to have fun since I’m pretty darn sure you will.

    I just hope I’ll get the chance to see Ladakh and the rest of India with my own eyes one day.

    ps. I just finished your book… and must say it’s not too shabby 😉

  3. It’s time to curl up with the PixelatedImage Archives while we impatiently wait for the postcards to arrive.

    Safe travels, David!

  4. so jealous i didn’t make it onto the team this time! can’t wait to see some images. i just got your book– thoroughly enjoying it!

  5. Any plans on visiting Russia, David? Many traveling photographers shoot there, but they all seem to forget about people and focus only on the architecture. Therefore they all start to look trivial and boring now: they don’t show anything that we haven’t see before. I really admire your work and would love to see your shots from Russia.

    — Best regards, Mark.

  6. Speaking of Russia, as Mark did above my comment, we’re that infamous place from which Sarah Palin could see the country during her run for vice president. But I digress. Any plans to visit Alaska? We offer the chance for magnificent scenery and a chance to see Russia, or at least some really crazy people. Your book and poetic writing about visual journeys has energized me. Thank you. I will follow your travels. -Jan

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