Come With Me To Tibet & Kashmir

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The monastery at Lamayuru catching the days last rays. Ladakh, 2009

There are a couple spots left – 2 each, I think – in both my tour in Tibet and the overland trip in Kashmir and Ladakh. I would love to see these spots filled with one of my readers, so if you’ve been thinking about it, these newly opened spots won’t last long.

Tibet, July 20-30, 2010
The trip to Tibet will be absolutely exhilerating. There is more information here, but the highlights are these: we’ll be partnering with some friends in Tibet and working closely with the Tibetans to see and participate in things well off the beaten path. From where we are staying there are over 60 monasteries from all for sects of Tibetan Buddhism in a 50 square mile radius. Of all of Tibet, this area has the highest percentage of actual Tibetans living there – thus also containing the best preserved culture as well. We’ll be in a nomad trading town, so nomads come in almost every day, and we’ll also be in one of the largest pilgrimage sites in all of Tibet – The Jana Mani. The Jana Mani has anywhere from 200 to 1,000 pilgrims circling it at any given time.  This is a chance to see real, and disappearing, Tibetan Culture. We’ll be at spectacular horse festival as the climax of the trip, and will not be in Lhasa – Lhasa has close to 30,000 ( yes, thirty thousand!) local and foreign tourists arriving daily in the summer. We’ll get off the path and share an exciting adventure together. This will be a small group, as small as 6-8 participants, so you’ll have more time with me that want. Seriously, you’ll be sick of me by the end.

For more information on the Tibet tour, click HERE. For photographs of the area we’ll be in, check THIS out.

Kashmir/Ladakh – Sept 12-25, 2010
The trip to Kashmir is also a once in a lifetime kind of thing, in part because traveling with both Matt Brandon and I is something no one should have to do more than once. 🙂 It’s a great deal of fun and we travel in a small group of 8-9 participants. Matt and I have done tours in both Kashmir and Ladakh now, but never one that spanned both regions and the diversity of geography and culture, from verdant valleys and lakes of Kashmir, and the heavily muslim culture there, to the high altitude deserts of Ladakh and the prevalant Buddhist culure, it’ll be a trip you’ll never forget. Trekking into Lidderwat to spend time with the transhumant Gujjars was a highlight not only of my first trip to Kashmir, but of my life.

For more information on the Kashmir/Ladakh Trip, click HERE. For photographs, head to my PORTFOLIO and look at either the Ladakh or Kashmir galleries.


  1. Oh man, the Kashmir/Ladakh tour sounds *amazing*! They both do. I wish I could do this. Maybe in a few years, if you’re still doing these! It’s a chance of a lifetime.

  2. That’s an incredibly heavy vignette on the bottom of your photo… of course I like it!

    I won’t be going on this tour for another 20 years, unless there’s some sort of 2-child government bursary I can get. Maybe someone can take a cardboard cutout of me with them to make it LOOK like I was there!

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  4. Sounds like an amazing trip. I recently heard/saw clips of an older movie called “Samsara” that was filmed in Ladakh and inspired me to really want to try and go there. I hope you do a similar tour in another couple of years, it’s not out of reach but will require a bit more planning. 🙂

  5. Author

    @JVL – No vignette there, man, just the natural light falloff. In fact I’ve applied a grad filter from the bottom up that lightens it a little. But glad you like it all the same 🙂

  6. I would LOVE to go, but I won’t be able to travel this year. I’m looking forward to learning what trips you book for next year. I think next year will be better for me (and my little family).

  7. Wow! 20th of July is my birthday! Too bad it’s in Tibet and there’s no way for me to get there anytime soon. I would have loved to travel in Tibet.

    Btw, your photos and words do inspire me, Sir. Thank you very much for sharing them! Been watching and will keep watching over all your stuff.

  8. They both sound great. Wish I could go! Gorgeous picture of Ladakh.

  9. Well my birthday is July 23rd and I am going! Can’t think of a better place to spend my birthday than exploring Tibet and pushing my photography…

  10. Author

    Scott – See you there! Remind me it’s your birthday and the first round of chai is on me! 🙂

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  12. Hi there,
    I was wondering if there is still any space left on the Kashmir & Ladakh trip? Actually I was really excited about the Nepal trip (still am!) but am now having some serious problems fitting those dates into my ‘boring work’ (the one that pays the bills!) schedule! Noticed the Ladakh trip and seems those dates could be more workable…. anyway it would be great if you could let me know ASAP!

    Thanks very much in advance,

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