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It’s no secret I love Kathmandu. I spend time there every year and it’s rapidly becoming a second home despite my inability to say more than a few words in Nepali, and none that anyone actually seems to understand. Also Bob Seger and Cat Stevens sang iconic songs about this iconic remote place and they’re stuck in my head forever. So I’m particularily excited to tell you that Jeffrey Chapman, my friend and partner in crime for the upcoming Italy Within The Frame Workshop, has prevailed on me to spend a couple weeks in Kathmandu after Matt Brandon and I finish up with this year’s Lumen Dei tour in Kashmir and Ladakh, and we’re inviting you to come along. We originally planned to go to Laos and Cambodia but as my good friend Gavin Gough is running a fantastic workshop of his own in Laos, we decided to head to Nepal instead and leave the Laotians to Gavin and his own motley crew, for which there are still spaces available.

I won’t give you all the details on Kathmandu here, you can find those as of this morning HERE. In brief, however, it’s this – October 3-16 in the Kathmandu Valley at the best time of year. We’ll be in Bhoudanath, Pashupatinath, Swayambu, Sankhu, Bhaktapur and Bandipur. We’ll be seeing plenty but the emphasis will be on a small group going deeper, not broader. We’ll learn, we’ll do alot of shooting, and we’ll do it all in one of my favourite places on the planet. The group is limited to 8 participants. It costs $4,100 from Kathmandu, and it’s going to be amazing. Space is limited so get in fast if this is a possibility for you. The complete itinerary and details are now available HERE. If you come you will be required to sing a bar of the Bob Seger version of the song at least once. So might as well start now: K-K-K-K-K-K-KATHMANDU! THAT’S REALLY, REALLY WHERE I’M GOING TO! (C’mon, sing it with me!)

If you missed last week’s release of Andrew S. Gibson’s eBook The Magic of Black and White, Part One – Vision – be sure to get in on it before the discount codes run out for this book and others. More info HERE.


  1. Aaah, sounds awesomely fantastic. If it weren’t for being low on cash and time, I’d be there in a flash. Planning for 2011 however…!

  2. It’s best if I don’t attempt to sing along. Trust me.

    A slightly more recent (understatement!) musical group also sings of Kathmandu: the YouTube sensation OK Go (most downloaded video in history; you remember the treadmills, right?). Their 2010 album has a surprisingly good Kathmandu song: “Back from Kathmandu”.

    1. Author

      @Chris Plante. Yes, yes, I did. Oops. Now I have to (a) correct this and (b) figure out who Pete Seeger is.

  3. I’d kill to be able to come to Kathmandu. Matter of fact, I’d have to kill somebody and rob him of $4,100 to be able to come ๐Ÿ˜‰ As things stand, my participation looks improbable.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say hi, keep up the good work, and remember… it was Bob Seger, not Pete Seeger ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. David – both of these sound absolutely amazing! Luang Prabang is an incredible place and anyone who can join up on this trip will, I am sure, fall as in love with it as I did. Having just purchased air tickets for a trip to Viet Nam and Cambodia I am, sadly, unable to join up for either of these – will however be taking all I learned from your blog and “Within the Frame” with me (in my head though – traveling light!). Regards and thanks for your writing. Lynn

  5. Pete Seeger is a USA folk icon so Loonies can be forgiven for not knowing but how could a loonie not mention The Bruce when attributing Kathmandu musical references. Really shameful.

  6. Dude – you are giving me the worst case of wanderlust imaginable. Can’t do 2010 but you may have to put up with me & Pete Berg in 2011 again! For anyone else reading along – go if you can – Lumen Dei Ladakh was fantastic – Kathmandu would be insanely fun!!!

  7. Would really love to do a workshop with you but tours like these is just not possible because of both time & cost. I was wondering if mini versions like these within the US is a possibility at all in the future, something similar to the short workshops of Joe McNally or Zack Arias.

    Thanks for the inspiration. Just got your book “Within the Frame”.

  8. Through rutted winding streets of Kathmandu
    Dodging crowded humans cows dogs rickshaws –
    Storefronts constellated pools of bluewhite
    Bright against darkening walls

    — The Bruce (Cockburn; a Loony)

  9. Author

    @james Wilson and @Ron Carrol – I didn’t – couldn’t – forget the Bruce. In fact The Tibetan Side of Town is one of my all time favourites, but as most others just shake their heads in non-recognition when I mention the song, or even St. Bruce, well, I’ve given up and have allowed myself to use less obscure pop culture references. ๐Ÿ˜‰ But thanks for keeping me honest; I’m ashamed to have let this one past me ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Ditto on the wanderlust. Maybe when the kids graduate college. Think you’ll still be doing these tours in say 2030?

  11. I’m going. I’m sending in my deposit. I don’t sing. But I can dance!

  12. I am holding an application in my hand. I am sooo excited about this trip.

  13. David, any thoughts on whether the political stuff going on in Kathmandu right now might affect your planned October trip? Thanks.

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