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Planting Rice outside Chiang Rai, Thailand. August 2009

Good morning. I’ve got a handful of links for you this morning, some worthwhile stuff I want to point you towards.

Scott Kelby and his gang of elves that never sleep have an online show called D-Town. I watched a few episodes when it first came out but as it was geared entirely for Nikon shooters I stopped watching. Only so many hours in the day and I don’t shoot Nikon (though I’d be willing to if the good folks at Nikon are interested in talking) 🙂 Anyways, D-Town is no longer a Nikon-only show and that should make it suddenly relevant to anyone other than Nikonians. Details HERE.

My friend Gavin Gough has work in this year’s Travel Photographer of the Year book, as do I, though I’d forgotten about it until reading Gavin’s post. Where Gavin and I seem to differ is that he’s willing to give one of these books away. I thought, “What a great idea!” but where others would then give a copy away I’m just going to send you to Gavin’s site and encourage you to read the rules on his simple giveaway HERE. Gavin’s work is in a current/recent edition of Vanity Fair as well, check it out HERE.

Matt Kloskowski’s got a cautionary tale regarding THE IMPORTANCE OF BACKUP and I suggest you either read the story or just skip it and go, for the love of Binary, and back up your work. Do it now! And create an offsite backup while you’re at it.

Matt Brandon’s been rocking his blog lately. Be sure to check out his post on the last lantern maker in Penang, Malaysia HERE.Also be sure to catch all his Depth of Field podcasts. Matt’s a fantastic interviewer and his glimpses into the lives of working photographers is always full of laughter and insight. Catch his latest interview with Gary S Chapman and Vivien Chapman HERE.

Finally, I want to point you to two eBooks. If you’ve been around here you know I place a high value on reading and learning, and am investing a great deal of time on creating eBooks for the photographic community. I think we offer amazing eBooks at ridiculously low prices, but we aren’t the only ones. Bruce Percy, whose work I respect tremendously, now has an eBook out on his recent work at the Taj Mahal. Bruce does incredible work and is a thinking photographer. Click here to view more details

The last eBook is a more substantial effort from the folks at Digital Photography School. It’s called Photo Nuts and Bolts and where the eBooks at Craft & Vision are more about putting your technical knowledge to use in expressing your vision, this is about the foundation of the craft itself. It’s very well illustrated and the teaching is solid. If you’ve been looking to brush up on some of the basics, perhaps get your mind around something you’ve been missing, then I recommend you take a look at Neil Creek’s Photo Nuts And Bolts. It’s on sale for $19.97 and has a 30 day money-back guarantee, so there’s no risk. There’s a reason the DPS site is one of the largest photographic communities on the planet, they do good work over there. Click here to view more details

Lastly, two housekeeping things. 1. We’re planning to release Andrew S. Gibson’s The Magic of Black and White, Vol.1 in 10 days or so. I’m very excited to have Andrew on board. Andrew is a skilled black and white photographer, a technical editor for EOS Magazine, and runs a great blog full of interesting interviews. Find his blog HERE. 2. I’ll be in Seattle tomorrow and Wednesday speaking at Amazon, which means a. road trip! and b. I won’t be around much. But I’ll be back later in the week with a report.


  1. Thanks for all the info and links :-). Something to keep me busy on a Monday!

  2. Hi David,

    Thanks for the post.
    Matt Kloskowski’s recent article on Backing Up is a MUST read for sure, in fact after reading it I straight away, backed up and backed up again…not that I’m paranoid or anything you I guess if ever there was an advert for the Drobo then that was it; thankfully there was a happy ending.

    Thanks too for the links; always nice to be recommended other photog’s work to look through.

    All the best to you,

  3. David, Is the Amazon event open to the public? I cannot find any information about your event. Any time that you are in Seattle I want to know about it.

  4. Hi Larry, no sadly this purely an internal event. Would love to come back down to Seattle in the near future for something more social!

  5. I’m really looking forward to Gibson’s work! Thanks for continuing to put together really great projects, David.

  6. So you wouldn’t watch D-Town previously because it was a Nikon Show. Hmmm, I got a couple of your books I’d Like to sell back cause your a Canon Shooter.

  7. Author

    Jim – Missing the point aren’t we? D-Town was initially about Nikon cameras and gear and there wasn’t enough relevant content to keep me interested, had nothing to do with Scott and the gang being Nikon shooters, nor do any of my books discuss Canon gear specifically. For what it’s worth I likely wouldn’t have watched if it was Canon-specific, as the gear issue doesn’t interest me enough to watch TV shows about it. Sorry if I you meant this in jest, it’s early here. I just don’t see the parallel.

  8. Jim – You might want to keep the books as photography is about much more than if you shoot a Canon or a Nikon. Dur…

    I was wondering if you guys will be offering all of the e-books in a single package at some point? Maybe a big book containing all of them, or some way to buy them all at once?

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