Iceland, A Monograph – The Print & The Process

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My trip to Iceland in August was one of the most creatively fruitful trips I’ve ever taken. Perhaps it was the incredible landscapes, or just the vastness of the open spaces and the extremes of weather, but whatever it was, I found myself creating photographs unlike anything I’ve shot before. The Print & The Process series was designed to give me, and other photographers, a chance to show not only our work, but to discuss the process of creation in a way that pulls the curtain back on techniques – like how we used three different ND filters to work through an exposure problem, as well as the more internal processes related to creation – like finding inspiration and working through frustrations in finding our vision.

The Iceland monograph is first a look at 39 of the images I created in Iceland, then a look at some of the techniques I used, including more work with ND filters than I’ve ever done, and a look at the post-processing, including free downloads of 2 Lightroom presets. The last third of the book is a discussion of the process and thinking behind each of those 39 images. It’s the closest I can get to taking you with me on this trip, though with the advantage of not getting as wet and cold as I was. I also briefly discuss logistics involved in the travel and supporting the digital workflow while tenting our way through Iceland.

This one kind of got away from me, and by the time I finished doing the layouts it got to be 65 pages. I know I get overly excited about this stuff, I can be pretty enthusiastic but I think this one raises the bar a little and I’m getting nervous about how I’m going to top it.

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But Wait! There’s More! Buy The eBook, Buy a Chance To Win.

Just before this book launched I got a new canvas from the good folks at APC – it’s a huge 30×40 canvas print of the photograph that graced this month’s free desktop wallpaper. It’s called Vast, Iceland 2010. I love the canvas of this image so much, and I’ve had a lot of interest in it. It will be among the special editions sold when I begin selling prints later this year. But you can be one of the first to own it. You see it’s September and we’re now just past the first year of creating these books for the photographic community, and to celebrate we’re giving one of you a thank you gift. I’m going to get APC to print this as a 20×30 gallery wrap and if you buy the Iceland Monograph before the end of September 12th, then you not only get a discount (see below) you also get a chance to win this print. The only caveat is that you must be in continental North America to win. Sorry, the cost of shipping beyond North America is really prohibitive. You don’t have to do anything; if you buy the eBook – and you’re in North America – you’re automatically entered into the draw and if you win we’ll let you know after the 12th. Good luck!

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  2. Still in love with Iceland – can’t wait for a revisit.

    Your new monograph looks interesting. I finally got around to getting Vision Mongers – one of the better photography books I’ve read.

  3. Stunning David. Been looking forward to seeing your images from this trip. Been a while – but still reading the blog, still shooting.
    peter b

  4. As always, a wealth of information on top of a series of magnificent images.

    I would have felt I had gotten fair value had this been a softcover book from Amazon at 10x the price.

    As an instantly available eBook that I can read on my computer whenever I have some downtime or need some inspiration or even a reminder of a technique, it is simply extraordinary.

  5. Just purchased this thru Craft&Vision. Love it. My favorite is the three rocks. The split blue preset is simple but amazing. The info on how you stacked the nd filters was eye opening. This is my third ebook that you have authored. Enjoyed them all.

  6. this is great! it’s funny i just finished the black and white series and the split toning caught my eye, now you use something similar in the process with these images. although i do not have lightroom or photoshop, i use aperture and gimp, i can’t wait to try out these techniques, once i figure out how to get them to work.
    thanks for a fantastic book. looks like you had lots of fun!

  7. For me this is the best in the Print & The Process series. That fact that “This one kind of got away from me” must mean you enjoyed creating it and it can only be a bonus for us to have more pages to look at and digest it’s contents.

    The images are stunning and I really love the extra detail in this edition on how you created each image, very interesting and inspiring.

    I point as many people as possible to the Craft & Vision website as I really believe it’s THE place to learn and help develop your own vision and perhaps give us the kick we all need to get out there any create photographs.

    Ps. I read an older podcast interview of you recently and there was a mention of a fourth book planned after the Vision trilogy. Is there another in the pipeline?

  8. I would have to agree with others this is the best of the series so far. Having been in Iceland a month before your trip, this read was particularly poignant. Iceland is an amazing place and I will return.

  9. Couldn’t agree with you more on the use of Filters. So many people at work will see an Image of mine & they will head right for PS as why I was able to have that exposure. They don’t seen to get without the ND & Grads that information wouldn’t be there to play with in LR & PS.

  10. Author

    Thanks so much for the positive comments. If you get a moment and don’t mind posting some of them over in the reviews/comments for this book on the C&V site, I’d be grateful. So glad to hear the reactions. I loved putting this one together, but nervous about what I’m going to do if I want to keep raising the bar 🙂 Thanks again 🙂

  11. I am so excited to read this book – a quick perusal and I have decided that I definitely have to go to Iceland someday! Gorgeous photos and I really like your writing style.

  12. This is an excellent monograph with great photos and explanations of the creative process that went into producing them.

  13. Hey David, fantastic ebook. Loving the layout, the discussion and, of course, the images a ton. It really makes me uber-jealous of your trip. 😉

    Can I offer up a neat suggestion? I just purchased an ebook by William Neill called Yosemite Volume One in which he displays his images in full-page format with smaller layouts with text towards the back of the book, much like you’ve done with yours. A very neat touch in his book is the ability to click on the full image to be taken directly to the discussion page of that image. Quite handy for viewing the full image, reading about it and then viewing it full again, all without having to scroll through tens of pages to find it again. Anyway, keep up the fantastic work!

    p.s. You may want to check out William’s Yosemite ebook; it’s quite astonishing.

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