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This has been a really fun couple of weeks. The response to the most recent blog posts about living fully and without regret has re-kindled a fire in me, and I’m grateful to you for being as open as you’ve been. I’m excited to be looking forward at a year of adventure and new stories. And really, it’s already started.

I took Jessie into the shop to get some regular maintenance things done (she is a 17-year old truck, after all), as well as better headlights and spare tire, tow hooks, and some other things that make mechanics geek-out. She’ll be in and out of a couple shops between now and when I leave on February 28th, and by the time she’s done she’ll be a different looking truck, complete with a rooftop tent.

In the meantime I’m planning and dreaming and making long lists of the people who’ve so graciously offered hospitality. And I’m trying hard to get ready for New Zealand, for which those that know me well will be shocked to know I’ve only just started packing now. I leave on Sunday which allows more time than most sane people take, but for me this constitutes a rushed, last-minute packing. 🙂 (I wrote this on Friday, Nov.26 to publish on Monday, so by the time you read this, I’ll be there. Or I’ll still be losing my mind on a long-haul flight.)

I’ll be in New Zealand for three weeks, come home roughly on the 20 December, and have a couple days at home before flying to Jamaica to learn some underwater photography and join my parents for Christmas. I intend to post the odd postcard from the New Zealand, but as with any journey involving The Legendary H, you just never know how things are going to go and where we’ll end up! Stay tuned. I’ll post images and updates as I can.

PS – Not likely that the desktop wallpaper is going to happen on time, but I’m hoping I can post one within a few days of my being in New Zealand. Fingers crossed. I haven’t forgotten, just a little pressed on time with all that’s happening.
PPS – I’m here now, about to have my first cup of morning coffee after a night in the RV and prepping for our first real day on the road. Cheers!


  1. Have a great time in NZ with your friendly Kiwi mate! Can’t wait on your take on the place and of course your pics.

  2. Apologies…. Not Pics but images!? Us Kiwis can be a bit rough around the edges at the best of times.

  3. Have a great time David! I so enjoy your blog, and I always look forward to your posts. If you find yourself in need of a place to stay in SW Ontario, be in touch. One of these days I’ll have to redeem that time with you, if you ever have a moment that is 🙂

  4. New Zealand – eh. Drink Pinot Noir from South Isaland and Sauvignon Blanc from both 🙂
    have fun!

  5. Welcome to New Zealand Mr David & Mr Legendary!
    I hope you find what you’ve set out to “see” here. If I come across two happily wandering travelers with large cameras around their necks I’ll be sure to say hi!! 🙂 🙂 …safe travels. And stay to the left when driving.

  6. I hope you have great time in New Zealand. I am underwater photographer myself so now I’m waiting to see yours even more your Jamaica, but keep those post coming I loving every one. By the way your live is short did effected my live after all. I decided to take 2 months work in Poland next year when opportunity came. Of course will be doing there some photography as well. 🙂

  7. A rooftop tent? That sounds cool! Have a great trip to NZ and hopefully your big trip will find its way to New England and hopefully the Boston area. Let me know if I can help you out.

  8. You lucky one. Back since 3 weeks, I´ve spend 3 weeks in this beautiful country. Have a good time with the very kind poeple …

  9. David,
    I will be in New Zealand in February. Let me know of any great spots. When you hit New York It would be great if we could have a drink or dinner. Hard to put anyone up in a New York apartment, but if you are headed to CT. I have room for a stay over. I am in a beautiful part of the state, Litchfield county. That is a long time away but keep it in mind. Gary

  10. David all the best with your upcoming adventure. My daughter spent 6 months last year in NZ working on various farms. Looks like a fabulous place to make images. Can’t wait to see your images. Glad to hear you are pumped and excited.

  11. David,

    Have a great trip in NZ and when you hit the NJ area you are more then welcome to crash here or even stop in for a home cooked meal. I might even be able to point you to some of the places we spoke about in KTM that don’t look like Newark. Godspeed.

  12. And I just noticed that your map doesn’t include Antarctica. You might need a different map before long.

  13. Unfortunately I’m currently living across the ditch in Australia so I can’t extend an invite for a drink or dinner, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy New Zealand and I’m looking forward to seeing the images you capture of our beautiful country.

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