Laos & Angkor Within The Frame

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Later today I jump a flight to Nairobi. I’ll be gone for almost 4 weeks between the Safari and an NGO assignment among the Rendille in the far north of Kenya near the Ethiopian border. So it could be a while before I drop a line. Hoping I can get a postcard of to you when I am back in Nairobi between gigs, but don’t hold your breath. I get home on February 16 and then it’s a few short, panic-filled days as I lead up to packing Jessie, giving the keys to this condo back to the landlord, and striking out on this adventure. Speaking of adventures….

In September, Jeffrey Chapman and I will accompany eight participants on a photographic adventure in former Indochina. This is our first tour in Southeast Asia, and it’s our first multi-country workshop. I’ve got a lot of travel coming this year – heck, the whole year is travel – but this one is going to be a highlight.

We will begin our adventure in Vientiane, Laos but head almost immediately to the Luang Namtha Province of northwest Laos, bordering Burma/Myanmar and China. This portion of our adventure will include beautiful landscapes, waterfalls, jungles, minority villages and travel by private boat along the Mekong. We will overnight along the banks of the Mekong in a luxury-tented ecolodge.

Our journey along the Mekong will conclude in breathtaking Luang Prabang, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where we will devote several days to photographing the wats (temples), monks and daily life along the shores of the convergence of two rivers and the wonderfully preserved historic section of the town center.

We will then fly to Siem Reap to visit the magnificent temples of Angkor, another UNESCO World Heritage Site, and explore the stilt houses, floating villages and life on lake Tonlé Sap.

While we will cover a lot of area on this tour, it won’t be rushed. We will take our time to absorb, linger and wait for the excitement of the new and exotic to blend with an understanding of our surroundings. We will work to find our vision. We’ll photograph in the early mornings and evenings, spend mid-days talking, discussing, learning and working to develop our art.

For the full itinerary and additional details, please visit the Laos + Angkor Within The Frame mini-site by clicking here. As the trip is limited to eight participants, we recommend reserving your spot as soon as possible. Email David and me for an application.


  1. Looking forward to your pictures of the Rendille. They are an interesting tribe and hopefully you will have a nice time there. Have fun

  2. I just sent an e-mail because I had a couple of questions…I really want to go! Hopefully my e-mail gets answered so I can figure it out! What an amazing opportunity!

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  4. Curses! When the Tibet trip got cancelled last summer, I transferred my flight and used my refund to do almost this exact same trip. Oh well…hopefully you guy will plan another trip to some other incredible place. Southeast Asia is def an amazing part of the world so I know you guys will have a great trip!

  5. David – anyone who goes on this trip with you will have an amazing time! I’m writing this from Cambodia – a small town named Kep. We’ve been in Cambodia for the last two and a half weeks and have two more left – the last six days will be in Siam Reap. Luang Prabang is my special happy place, having spent a week there two years ago:) Safe journeys David – look forward to seeing your ongoing work!

  6. This should be an amazing trip. i have some friends that just returned from the area and they didn’t want to leave. In fact, they are going back. I am in the process of rearranging things in my life as well so I can do more of this sort of travel. 105 days and counting!

  7. I spent time in these place a few years ago, and fell totally head over heels in love with Laos.

    At the time i was just rediscovering photography, and only have a handful of snaps that i even remotely like. Doing this trip would be awesome! Those temples! And Luang Prabang is just amazing.

    The mix of French colonial and Laos tradition sits so well together, and results in great dining opportunities (French as well as traditional Laos).


  8. Lake Tonle Sap is the most poverty stricken place that I have seen. The faces of the children that I saw there will forever haunt my memory. No photo ops there.

  9. This will be a great trip for all who go. I went to Cambodia last year with team of 17 teenagers to give a hand in orphanages, schools a medical mission and a feeding program. Cambodia is such an interesting place and the people are beautiful. Unfortunately many children are not in a good place as a result of it’s hectic past and poor economy. If anyone wants to give time or money to these wonderful children let me know ( and I can give you some contacts.

    As an amature photographer I found Cambodia offered photo opportunities everywhere. Follow this link to some of my shots if you’re interested or if you want a preview of what you might see if you take up David’s opportunity . . .


  10. Sounds like such an awesome opportunity! Everyone who is part of the trip is going to have an amazing time I am sure. Wish I could come along with you two!

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