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When, earlier this year, I started looking for a new way to present my online work, Livebooks really hooked me. When I bit the bullet I was really impressed with their service and the quality of people there. I won’t do a sales job on Livebooks, because I think we all want different things. But, I do want to say using Livebooks was everything I wanted – clean, professional, and customizable design, easy to use, and cheaper than it once was. I also wanted the sites to work on the iPad, and Livebooks has built-in HTML companion sites as a standard feature. Most important to me was that my photographs were large and looked great and stood on their own. The Livebooks template I chose does that for me. Anyways, I’m a fan and as I was having coffee with a friend last night I was reminded that when Livebooks said, How can we help you? I said, how’d you like to give a 1 year subscriptions to me and someone in my community, they said absolutely. I asked for one, they gave me 5. I have 3 of them to give away right now.

Want a year of Livebooks?  All I want you to do is go to their site – LIVEBOOKS.COM – and poke around. look at the available templates and leave a comment here telling me which one you like best.  In roughly a week-ish, I’ll announce three, randomly chosen winners. Good luck. And huge thanks to Livebooks for being so cool about this.

**January 14, 12:38 pm PST, the giveaway is now closed and winners –  and a limited time 20% discount – have been announced HERE.