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Most of you know I consider my manager and best friend to be a bit of a superhero. Dude just gets it, and gets it done. Without him I’d be floundering. What makes Corwin unique is his ability to understand – and operate on – the difficult bridge between creativity and commerce. While Corwin’s business chops are super-solid, he understands that as creatives our first task is to tend to the creative stuff. He knows the creative stuff is the fire in our souls, he knows it’s the only asset we have when it comes to business, and so he places the highest value on it. And where he sees a chance to take it up a notch, he does it- or makes me do it – without prejudice. He’s a little scary, actually.

So this month we’re releasing Corwin’s Your Creative Mix. I think you should buy it for the cheeky cover alone. The cover shot comes from photographer Martin Prihoda, and while it has little to do with the book (I just love the shot, and Martin’s a genius), it comes from a mini-case study in the book. Corwin not only wrote a book about creativity and collaboration and how that can help build both your art and your business, he did so creatively and collaboratively. This one’s full of stuff. We don’t make page counts a selling point anymore because, well, frankly, it’s not relevant, but also because we now paginate one full spread as one page instead of two. So, if we were still mentioning page count, and we aren’t, this one would be almost 80 pages on the old system.

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The title, Your Creative Mix, comes out of the conference Corwin creates in Vancouver each year called Creative Mix. He brings in brilliant speakers to talk about creativity and community. Same thing in this book. Only then he adds photographs, rants, and a boat-load of great content and ideas.  If there’s a VisionMonger in you at all, or you’re interested in the power of collaboration to push your creativity, then you’ll get much more than your $5 worth out of this one. But then who are we kidding, we all know y’aren’t paying $5. See below for the discount codes. One last thing. Would you do me a favour? When we rebuilt the Craft & Vision site a year ago we made sure there was a way to give helpful reviews and comments. So if you have a moment, leave an honest comment or helpful review for this or any of the other C&V books you’ve loved? Those comments are helpful to others. Thank you!

Lastly, I’m a big fan of Todd Henry, the Accidental Creative, and because this book is about creativity, we’re giving away 3 copies of Todd’s great new book, The Accidental Creative, and bundling it with his Personal Idea Pad.  Anyone buying Your Creative Mix during the discount period will have their name thrown into the hat and we’ll randomly give these away as thanks to three lucky, random, readers.

Special Offer on PDFs
For the first five days only, if you use the promotional code MIX4 when you checkout, you can have the PDF version of Your Creative Mix for only $4 OR use the code MIX20 to get 20% off when you buy 5 or more PDF ebooks from the Craft & Vision collection. These codes expire at 11:59pm PST July 23rd, 2011.


  1. David, I’m hoping you can pass this message along to the techno-wiz-guys behind the scenes…

    I have the Craft & Vision app on my iPad, but it doesn’t seem to stay current with the new releases. I couldn’t purchase Corwin’s Creative Mix thru the app, nor can I read it thru the app. Am I overlooking something? Or, perhaps, is the app best avoided, since it doesn’t appear to stay current with new releases?


  2. PS — When I downloaded Corwin’s book, I was given the option to open it in Evernote, iBooks, Stanza, or GoodReader. Alas, no Craft & Vision option. What gives? Thanks, again.

  3. Author

    Ron – The app needs to be updated in order for it to stay current, however, because of lag-time with Apple – they need to approve these things, yadda yadda – the Craft & Vision iPad app never gets updated until what is usually several days after we launch the PDF of the book. One of the weaknesses of being in bed with Apple, we never know for sure when the App update will get approved and posted. I prever the PDFs as there is no DRM involved and you can put it on several machines, email it to a friend, all without the headache and constraints of Apple.

    If you downloaded the book as a PDF it will read beautifully in GoodReader, etc. but the Craft & Vision app is not a PDF reader. The two worlds – Apps and PDFs don’t connect.

    Hope this clarifies. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  4. Thanks for the explanation. A big help and it makes perfect sense. I’ll stick with GoodReader…

  5. I agree with Heather – spent the morning reading this and can see where I can blast through some personal creative blocks already!

    This is a very timely book on creativity that people are starving for – excellent read and well done Corwin 🙂

  6. Weird-my comment from yesterday didn’t show up. Nicely done Corwin-I started reading it yesterday. And the cover art rocks. I love it!

  7. p12 of your deeperframe ebook is either very garbled or wrong. Obviously the angle of view obtained through a 28mm lens is different on different sized sensors. That’s the whole point! Test it out – take a “28mm equivalent” photo with your tiny P&S and compare to the same photo taken with an actual 28mm lens on your D3 (or whatever you have). I think you’ll find they have the same angle of view, and yet the P&S has something like a 5mm lens.

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