Learning from Snow Monkeys

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Photograph by Martin Bailey.

Next February I’m doing a workshop in Hokkaido, Japan. And by “doing a workshop,” I don’t mean I am teaching or leading one. I’m taking one. Photography is a journey and there is no discipline or teacher from whom we can not learn something. Last year I went to Antarctica with JP Caponigro and Seth Resnick (and 70 other amazing folks), to shoot, to experience the frozen continent, and to fill my bucket. In February 2013, I’m filling my bucket under the tutelage of Martin Bailey. I’ve long wanted to go to Japan, (though Tokyo scares the crap out of me), and ever since seeing work by Michael Kenna from Hokkaido, I’ve wanted to see it myself. And Martin himself is a great photographer and perfect gentleman.

Anyways, I’m telling you this in case you’re looking for something different than my usual offerings with Within The Frame Photographic Adventures, which are amazing adventures, but much less structured than this, and we don’t do monkeys. Like I said, I won’t be teaching, but I’ll be there as a student and special guest (whatever that means) and we’ll do some evenings of discussion centered around my teaching, too. Mostly I wanted to promote what I think is one of the more exciting education and travel experiences being offered right now, with a man who knows his stuff (referring to Martin, not to myself.)

I’d love to travel with you and shoot alongside you in Hokkaido, so here’s the heads-up on where I’m going and when, follow THIS LINK to Martin’s workshop website.


  1. Konnichiwa David. See you there! I am so looking forward to this. It sounds absolutely fantastic and I have you to thank for ‘introducing” me to Martin , who is, as you say, a perfect gentleman and incredibly generous.
    Cheers, Sarah PS – that’s the full spectrum of my Japanese!

  2. Have fun, but why are you afraid of Tokyo?
    I was afraid i would go crazy in the masses when planning the trip, but when i actually got there, i did not feel crowded at all, was very surprised, we took the public transport and walked around a lot and loved it, though i loved the rest more, as i am not a big city fan, Japan is a great country, would return anytime.
    Bring your skis, (i am sure you legs are better now), forget photography, there is tons of powder there

  3. Have fun!

    Don’t be afraid of Tokyo! I go there like once a month for business and trust me it’s not so bad. I took a workshop from Trey Ratcliff there too. If you want to shoot a vibrant metropolis, it’s hard to beat. I’ll see you in a little bit in Venice. But hey, maybe you can do Tokyo sometime! I’ll join you there too!

  4. If you get down towards Osaka-Kobe-Kyoto drop me an email. You are welcome with a place to stay and a person to wander with.

  5. Tokyo is a must. I am fortunate enough to have lived there for 3 years. It’s fun and fantastic for photography. Check out alfie goodrich’s website.

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