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We’ve just released Piet van Den Eynde’s new book, Dodge & Burn, Leading the Eye with Lightroom and Photoshop. There are 3 things I know about anything Piet writes – the first is that it’s going to be amazing. The man just knows how to teach, and even though English is not his first language, you’d never know it: he’s a great communicator. Second, I know it’s going to be comprehensive. He just can’t seem to go shallow on any subject. Third, I’m going to have to shell out way more in design fees because no matter how many times I tell him to keep it “a little shorter,” he seems to take sick joy in making really great, but really long books.

Old school dodge and burn techniques matter; they give life and depth to images that otherwise don’t have them and, using Piet’s techniques, it doesn’t have to take a ton of time. Many of my best images are finished off with subtle dodge and burning, what I consider a gentle push and pull of the eye. Piet teaches it better than I possibly could. If you want to take your photographs further in the digital darkroom, this book will do that.

Dodge & Burn is a really meaty book. It’s 90 spreads long, which is about 180 pages if you’re still counting the way we used to. But I think page-count is a lousy way to determine value. What you get here is solid information, from beginning to end, on how to direct the eye in Lightroom, Photoshop, and using plug-ins like Nik Software. And because 90 pages of amazing tutorials wasn’t enough, we’re giving you the light version of Piet’s own plug-in, Easy Dodge, a set of custom dodge and burn tools for Photoshop, for free, as part of the purchase price, and we’ve built, and included, a short Easy Dodge Manual. All for $5. Want even more value? You can have Dodge & Burn, the full version of the Easy Dodge panel, the instruction manual, and a full set of exercise files, so you can work along with Piet through the tutorials, all for $10, or $8 for the next six days if you take advantage of the offer at the bottom of this post.

To see the Easy Dodge panel in action, watch this demo here on Piet’s website. For anyone working in Photoshop, this is an amazing tool. For anyone, like me, working only in Lightroom, the book, Dodge & Burn, is still incredible education.

I don’t like overselling things and, like you, I know when I’m being pitched to. I try not to do that. But we’ve put together a really amazing value here. It’s a great book, the software is amazing, yet simple to use, and on top of that there’s 15% discount code for Nik Software in the book, valid anywhere the Nik Software USA site caters to, and 10% from Nik Software in Europe, the Middle East, or Africa.

Purchase $5 Lite Package

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Purchase $10 Full PackageDiscount Code Below

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Discount Codes

Until Sunday night, July 22 at 11:59pm to be exact, you can purchase the full Dodge & Burn package for just $8 when you use the promotional code DODGE8. You can buy 5+ eBooks at 20% off when you use the code DODGE20.


  1. Steve Terrell

    I am using Photoshop CS6. Am I correct in assuming that the Easy Dodge Panel will not work in this version. Please confirm.
    Thanks, Steve

  2. John Zimmerman

    I have been waiting for a tutorial like this. It has long been my belief that the difference between a good image and a great image is the dodging and burning the artist does to take a literal capture and work it into true art. I feel that increasing and reducing the visibility of parts of the image allows the artist to better convey the story he is trying to tell. Purchased ! Thanks !

  3. Author

    Steve, according to Piet, this will work in CS6 (English version only)

  4. Piet Van den Eynde

    Hi Kai,

    the panel is for Photoshop only: Lightroom does not support custom panels. However, you’ll find plenty of advice in the eBook (and the exercise files if you get the full version) on how to Dodge & Burn in Lightroom!

  5. Dallas Dahms

    David, I have the utmost respect for you and your work, but I have to criticise the fact that on this deal the USA gets a 15% discount off the Nik software and those of us in the rest of the world only get 10%. What’s up with that?

    Its just unfair and I’m sorry to say it, but I cannot and will not support companies who discriminate their pricing based on geography.

  6. Author

    Dallas, different companies operating in different places gave us different deals to offer. We don’t gain from this, just passing on the deals to you. I have similar complaints in publishing. If my hard-copy books sell in the USA I get up to $2/copy. If they sell anywhere else, I get $1/copy. It’s simply a reality of global commerce. There are different distributors and different economics involved in global commerce, despite the alleged non location-specificity of the internet.

    I appreciate that you feel free to make the criticism, but be careful not to forget that this is just a kind offer on their part. They could have both offered nothing.

  7. Piet Van den Eynde

    Hi Dallas, this is Piet, author of the eBook. Let me chime in, here: unfortunately, this is entirely out of Craft & Vision’s hands: Nik Europe and Nik USA are two related but different companies, each with their own pricing (and discount) policies, on which C&V have no impact. If they (= C&V) had, they’d probably give everyone a 100% discount) :-) These deals are the best that were available. The only alternative would have been to artificially lower the USA discount to 10%, but we just wanted everyone to get the maximum possible. Being a European myself, I understand your point of view, still I think a 10% discount is better than no discount at all and if anything, Craft & Vision’s prices (and DISCOUNTS) are always valid (and the same) for everyone on the whole planet.

  8. Dallas Dahms

    Thanks for the responses, guys. Being in South Africa I just get royally annoyed with these kinds of policies because we get shafted all the time here.

    I am particularly annoyed with Nik, who sell Capture NX2 for a LOT more here than they do in the USA. Adobe are guilty of the same thing. It’s not right considering the actual product has no cost of delivery. Tax, sure, that’s another deal altogether, but as things stand here currently, all we should be paying is VAT.

    If the governments of the world can’t figure out how to charge for that on software then I count that as a small victory for the downtrodden! :-)

    I think that as publishers we should be putting pressure on companies like Adobe and Nik to have one point of sale and one price for everyone.

  9. Kim

    If we buy the full version, does it count as 2 books towards the 5-book 20% off discount?

  10. Author

    No, sorry, Kim, that’s still one product. Nice try, though! :-)

  11. Suzanne B

    Since I only have elements and lightroom, and no plans to get cs, I guess this would not be helpful in learning……..Just a hobbyist here.

  12. Piet Van den Eynde

    Hi Susanne, if you ‘only’ have Elements and Lightroom, you have one hell of a photo editing combination that will solve 95% of your postprocessing needs. I for one would prefer Lightroom + Elements to for example only the Full Photoshop. I just happen to be using Lightroom + the full Photoshop because that’s what I’ve been using long before Elements even existed. But I would not jump to conclusions that the eBook would not be beneficial to you: of course, you won’t be able to use the Photoshop panel, but about three quarters of the eBook – that’s about 60 pages – are entirely dedicated to Lightroom and very often. The full package has a Lightroom exercise Catalog as well… There are a couple of images in there that have been completely processed in Lightroom.

  13. Author

    Suzanne, there’s lots in the book for Lightroom and I’d encourage you to still give it a look. The included Photoshop stuff is a bonus and not essential to the bulk of the book. Piet’s done a great job on this, don’t let the tech stuff scare you off.

  14. Suzanne B

    Thank you Piet and David, I was hoping to hear that from both of you. Off to buy now…….tata! :-)

  15. Dick

    Dag Piet,

    Incredible value and a discount to boot ! What more do you want ?!



  16. DH

    Thanks, Piet and David, for what looks like another great book!

    However, I must (as constructively as possible) add my voice of support for the person who pointed out some companies’ discriminatory pricing policies. The cost of delivery of software to anywhere in the world is the same for the supplier, so it makes little sense for the pricing to be different. Physical objects such as books are a slightly different matter — but a halving of royalties for overseas sales sounds weird to me: I also write books (not photographic) which are generally printed in Malaysia and sold around the world; I actually get the same or a slightly high royalty rate for sales outside the country where I live. David: I’d consider re-negotiating for further books if I were, you, especially if your royalties are based on publisher’s net receipts.

    Companies claiming such an enormous difference in the cost of doing business in different countries are simply taking advantage — especially when it comes to software!

  17. Author

    Thanks for the input, DH. The reality that gets overlooked is that this is not about market but about how many people are in the middle. The moment a Canadian distributor has to take shipments of books, pay taxes, and take their piece of the pie, part of my royalty pays for that. Same with software. Yes, delivery is arguably the same, but they’re represented by legally different companies and those companies work differently.

    In the end, while this is a productive, albeit larger, conversation, it has nothing to do with us offering to pass along discounts to our readers. 10% is better than 0% and when it’s considered that that 10% is well more than the price paid for the eBook itself, it seems petty to make it a complaint (specific to our books, of course. Bitch all you want about the wider context. Don’t even get me started on the different pricing for Canadian and American books when our dollar is at par, or often better. Drrr!)

  18. Dallas Dahms

    I’m sorry to have hi-jacked your post, David, but the point I am trying to make is that the content producers, such as yourself, need to initiate the changes when it comes to pricing policy on electronic media. You have enough influence and in my opinion you have the ability to give that industry the finger on issues like this.

    There is no justification whatsoever for Nik or Adobe to be charging people outside of the USA more for the same software. I’m not talking a little more either, I’m talking sometimes up to 200% more.

    I can only imagine the uproar if I was charging different prices for subscriptions to my website based on wherever the person lived.

    Make Trade Fair.

  19. DH

    David C: the way it works with my publisher is they cover any extra cost of distribution in other countries, not me as the author — and any extra cost may often be covered by higher prices in those countries anyway (sometimes the cost will be lower!). Whichever way they explain it, having the author’s share drop by 50% is way, way out of proportion. I bet the publisher’s profit doesn’t drop that much!

    Anyway, let’s not let this detract from Piet and David’s good work in bringing us these books and deals.

  20. Mari

    Well, this will teach you to offer deals in the future… No good deed goes unpunished and apparently no logical explanation goes unignored, either. :)

    All that aside, what a steal! I couldn’t believe I was reading my rss correctly. David, the small amount of money I have spent on your books has been the very best investment I’ve ever made in photography. Even more so than my camera itself. Value-to-dollar ratio and the sheer generosity of the prices you offer here is just insane – anyone else would sell these books for $19.99. If Piet’s book is even half as great as David’s (which I’m certain it is, if he’s promoting it), it’s worth it’s e-weight in gold.

    Heading to the living room to grab my purse, and thank you both for the time and effort you put into helping the rest of us improve.

  21. Loony

    REVIEW: Here is a quick and personal review of this ebook. I am disappointed with it and not sure I will actually keep reading it. I have flicked through the pages, reading along. Unfortunately the content seems to be about cross selling other ebooks by Craft & Vision or about describing some of the most basic tools in Photoshop and Lightroom. It also seems to be over selling the author’s website and plug-in which names appears in practically every page. The book also whiz through other plug-ins such as Nik Software and in my opinion their tutorials on their website is a lot better. These factors make it unappealing for the reader. All together this ebook is a hub for selling other products and doesn’t teach/show much.

  22. David duChemin

    Thanks for the time you took to write this, Loony, but I don’t give much attention to anonymous reviews. That you are so easily put off the author recommending 3 other eBooks, in the course of 90 pages, as resources for further learning, seems a little negative. That you object to the fact that his screenshots include the identity plate from his Lightroom interface, and therefore a way to get in touch with him, is even stranger. Reviews that discuss actual content, positive or negative, are welcome here, but future anonymous comments won’t be – they just aren’t helpful. Either way, sorry you’re disappointed. Not every book is going to teach people the same way. Sounds like your own skills and knowledge are such that you’ve no need for a book on this topic.

  23. Loony

    Argh!! On the defensive! :) Reviews, anonymous or not, are reviews. I understand that you feel the need to back up the author, and that’s fair enough. However it feels right that people should be informed, positively and negatively, on what they might get if they buy the ebook. Some of them – ebooks – are really good, but others aren’t so good – in my opinion. You should see that as a positive thing: authors will have to improve on the content of the books and information they provide. You know that there is a lot of crap out there and the power of people buying and reviewing products is to review and comment, positively or negatively. I won’t teach you that unfortunately when people are not happy with something they scream it. I think the “not so positive” comments have a place online and for every products. A lot of people will learn from this ebook, but a lot of others might buy it and feel disappointed and will never read it. These people should be informed. The fact it costs $5 shouldn’t be an excuse for anyone to waste money; all these $5 added together can make a huge amount money that will be given to someone who might not deserve it. I also mentioned in my previous post that the content is basically a demo of various tools found in Photoshop, Lightroom and Nik Software. I do believe that these demos are better explained for free on their respective websites. I don’t think you should take it personally. I’m sure you have bought products that you were disappointed with in the past.

  24. Author

    Not defensive at all, Loony, I just place no stock in anonymity. Furthermore, while reviews are reviews, I think a reviewer owes it to readers to be helpful and state expectations. Not everything we put out is for everyone, and we’re as capable as producing something that doesn’t measure up, even to our own standards, but I don’t think this is one of those books. We’ll have to agree to differ. I’m more interested in why you feel the need to remain anonymous and yet expect your voice to be heard…

  25. Steve McIlree

    I am surprised I haven’t seen anyone else mention that they had to download and install Adobe Extension Manager before they could install the Easy Dodge panel. Although the author states the program is automatically installed with Photoshop, it wasn’t included with my upgrade to CS6. I had to download it from Adobe Exchange. Whatever I installed from this download got the EasyDodge panel working, but this morning I had a notification from Adobe Updates that there was an update to the CS6 of the Extension Manager available.

    I am mentioning this in case someone who hasn’t worked with computers for the past 40+ years wonders why clicking on the .zxp file doesn’t work.

  26. DH

    Well, I like the book, anyway! It may not have a lot of new stuff for serious amateurs, but the photos will be an inspiration to even these people! For beginners, it’s essential reading.

    As for those adverts for other ebooks in the series — to be honest, they are obtrusive, annoying and probably don’t represent the kind of ethos associated with the David duChemin brand (I’d strongly suggest they be reconsidered for the future, or shrunk significantly, or moved to the back). But they’re few and far between and shouldn’t detract from what is otherwise an excellent book.

    And let’s face it — at the discounted price, you can hardly go wrong!

  27. david

    Thanks for the heads up on that, Steve. I guess it depends what kind of install people opt to do when they first install Photoshop, but I’d guess the vast majority don’t download the Adobe Extension Manager.

    DH, thanks for the constructive feedback. I’ll make a note of this and limit it in the future, or find some other way to do it less intrusively. Appreciate the comment.

  28. Loony

    Yes David, we’ll have to agree to disagree. Note that you don’t seem to fussed about anonymity… when comments are positive :)

  29. David Latour

    Some people just cant be happy about anything whether it be a discount or literature that is not tailored exactly to their liking. I read the book over the last two nights and found it very informative. Nice job Piet and David

  30. Steve McIlree

    I can’t imagine just where along the line I lost the Extension Manager. My last full version install of Photoshop was PS3. Since then I’ve been upgrading pretty much every other version. On this new machine I installed CS5 from disk with only the CS3 serial number for validation. I just upgraded to CS6 a couple weeks back from a download now that upgrades are available only from Adobe. I have always done standard installs, and evidently, in that long string of upgrades the installer must have been configured to continue with the prior version’s Extension Manager.

  31. Lawrence

    Hi David,
    I noticed that there isn’t the usual discount for the persons who only want to buy the single $5.00 book for $4.00. What’s up with that?

    However, if I buy 5 ebooks, I can include the LITE version and use the dodge20 for that.

    Unfortunately, I already have all of C&V ebooks so it doesn’t make sense to do all that.

    Could you include a code for people who just want the LITE version?

  32. David duChemin

    Lawrence, what’s up is simply that we changed the discount structure. This book cost us more to make and we feel we offered more value. Anyone that’s part of the C&V Community still got the eBook for free and the usual discounts on other books, which is why we initially offered that service. The discount structure we’ve been offering will usually apply, but not always. I’m sorry if this means you don’t feel the book was worth the $5. When I first began this, the ebooks were $10, but I offered them for $5. So think of it as a full-time $5 discount with a $1 bonus.

  33. Lawrence

    Thanks for the response David. I don’t think the book isn’t worth it, but there is that loophole where those who have never bought any ebooks can still get the LITE for $4 if they buy a bundle.

    I’m still buying the ebook and I’ve bought every single issue that you brought out since before you came up with C&V

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