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When I picked up the camera again after a hiatus of a couple years, it was on a trip to Haiti. It was the newness of the place, and the lack of a need to “see it again for the first time” that re-ignited a fire for me that has yet to die down. “Finding your eye” is not an easy task and it’s not easily taught, but when it becomes a way of life instead of a once-in-a-while rescue measure, it’s what photography, for many of us, is all about: learning to see. A Sense of Place is a workbook aiming directly at that: learning to experience a place fully, see it more completely, and photograph it more intentionally.

Younes Bounhar’s A Sense of Place, Finding Your Eye at Home and Abroad, was initially sub-titled, A Travel Photography Workbook, which was accurate but incomplete. This 42-spread ebook richly addresses both; mostly, I think, because Younes understands that making photographs, whether at home or elsewhere requires an ability to see and express, not just point the camera. So when he returned to his home in Morocco after an absence of several years, he was faced with making photographs in a place that was both foreign and familiar. Through this experience, beautiful photographs, and a series of excellent creative exercises, Younes does a great job of teaching what it takes to make beautiful photographs of places near and far, strange or familiar.

His eBook begins with a short section about shooting At Home, then eases into a much longer section on making photographs Abroad. It would be a mistake, however, to think that the two can be so easily separated. The skills, and exercises, needed to make compelling photographs in either place are the same. For those looking for a discussion about travelling with gear, he touches on that, but it’s so much more. If you’re looking to hone your eye, and your ability to make photographs in places both old and new to you, Younes is a patient and capable guide, though he’ll make you work for it. I’ve never once known Younes to suggest this is easy, so don’t be surprised when his exercises demand that you do the hard work, spend more time than you think you need to, and break out of your comfort zone by speaking to – and photographing – complete strangers.

If you’re looking for a primer on photography of places, this is an excellent eBook to load onto your laptop or iPad for some quiet reading in the dark cabin as your plane heads to Timbuktu, or on the subway as you head into work with your camera in your pocket.

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