The Created Image Seminar

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This summer we’re hosting a new 2-day photographic intensive called The Created Image. On July 11 and July 12 we’ll convene on Vancouver’s Roundhouse Community Arts Theatre (Yaletown) for two days of teaching and conversation about the craft and art of photography, designed to take you deeper.

Get all the details on our Eventbrite registration page.

We’ve put together a curriculum to talk about the stuff that’s at the heart of photography, and strangely, the stuff others don’t often talk about or teach; stuff like visual language and composition, the art of editing, an introduction to printing, and photographic creativity. I want to help you learn to think and speak photographically on your own, not just memorize the so called-rules.  No gimmicks, no rules, no fast-tracks, no hot-tips. Just the stuff that forms the foundation for becoming a stronger creative photographer.

The event begins on the evening of July 10 with a wine reception in Yaletown, a chance to meet each other and gear-up for an amazing time together. And then it’s full-tilt the next morning into a series of nine lectures, over two days, about creativity, composition, editing, workflow, printing, and other concerns of the craft.

There’s also an optional evening event called The Path to Pro, with my manager, and the author of Living the Dream, Corwin Hiebert, and myself, for those wanting a truly candid and highly actionable discussion about making money with your photography. You can add this special event to your seminar registration for just CAD $20. FYI – The Path to Pro registration will be opened up to the public (CAD $40) once the seminar registrants have had a chance to sign-up – if you’re interested in attending this event stay tuned.

Last year we hosted two Vancouver Gatherings and the response was incredible, and the feedback’s what made us want to do this again – and do it bigger! If you’re looking for a chance to dig deep into your craft, and share time with like-minded people, this will be an event you’ll never forget.

If you want learn about the seminar program, schedule, or registration details you can find it all on our Eventbrite page.

Attendance is very limited by the way; we’re anticipating a sold-out event, so act quickly.


  1. This comment has nothing to with this workshop although I would love to go to Vancouver. Even moreso I would love to go to Vancouver to learn about all the things you will be talking about. My question is and if anyone else can chime in I will take it. You appear to be extremely organized. Whether it be you or your manager what tools do you use to stay organized from the start. My photography business has taken off a good bit and I do it all myself as well as work another fulltime job that has nothing to do with photography. Any help would be greatly appreciative.

    1. Hi David – You’re right, I am pretty organized, but it’s really my team that keeps me on track. We use a combination of online tools to collaborate and organize, including: Smartsheet, Dropbox, Freshbooks, Mailchimp, and Contractually. If you want more information, I suggest you ping Corwin on Facebook or Twitter – he’s at Corwin Hiebert on FB and @corwinhiebert on Twitter. Suggest you also look at his book – Living The Dream. The man knows his stuff and is my (not so) secret weapon.

      1. I will send Corwin a Ping. In the meantime I went out at lunch and bought that Living the Dream Book. I will look through it get with Corwin. Thanks.

  2. Well one slot filled David. Looking forward to it and in my own neighbourhood. Vancouver in July – no better place to be!

  3. This sounds like a very interesting workshop. Is this workshop for all levels of photographers and should we bring our camera equipment?

    1. Author

      Lloyd – Vancouver’s a beautiful city and I’d bring your camera if you want to make some photographs, but the time together in the seminar doesn’t require it.

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