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Today we released the most recent issue of PHOTOGRAPH, our digital magazine for creative photographers. As always it’s packed with incredible portfolios and Q+A, this time from Hengki Koentjoro, Dave Delnea, and Kevin Clark. They’re all amazing but if you’ve not seen Hengki’s work, you need to, it’s breathtaking. And there are the usual great columns from people like Martin Bailey, Nicole S. Young, Kevin Clark, John Paul Caponigro, and all our regular contributors, as well as a featured article from me about my recent work in Northern Kenya. It’s getting better and better all the time, and we’re so proud of this one.

Download the Table of Contents.

If you’re subscribed (which gives you a 25% discount) you’ll get this one delivered to you, but if you’ve never seen an issue of PHOTOGRAPH, my team’s put together something truly beautiful, educational, and high-value, and all without ads. You can get your copy of Issue 3, or subscribe, today.

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PHOTOGRAPH, Issue Three is available now through Craft & Vision, as a PDF download, for USD $8. Because we’ve always given discounts, we’re offering a 4-issue subscription for USD $24, which means you buy 3 issues, and get one free.

Note to Subscribers: If you subscribed you got an email with a direct download link. If you didn’t see this email please check your spam filters, junk bins, etc. If you have any problems at all, please email – we’ve got your back and we’ll make sure you get the magazine, I promise.


  1. David: I just received an email giving me a link to download issue 3 of Photograph. I have paid for a subscription and when I clicked on the link I get a message that Adobe Acrobat has crashed. The download stops.

    My desktop copy of Adobe Reader works fine.

    Thanks for your help.


  2. I purchased a 1 year subscription to Photograph starting with #2. I got the email tonight about #3, but see no way to download it without purchasing it.

    Where can current subscribers download the newest issues?

    Thank you

    1. Hey Steve – We sent a private, subscriber-only email message to you today at 4:30 PM (PST). The subject line is: PHOTOGRAPH Issue Three Now Available (Subscriber Download Notification). Please check your inbox (junk/spam folder) and mark us as a safe sender 🙂 Our system shows that the message landed safely in your camp but if you have any questions or concerns please email the team at and we’ll take good care of you. Cheers!

  3. Quick question (I don’t see the answer to immediately), if I subscribe now do I get the previous 2 issues available to me or will the subscription only be for this issue and the next 3 issues?

    1. Hey Dallas – the subscription moves forward, so you’d get #3, then 4,5,6. Back issues are available.

    1. Author

      Why would you pay for it again, Christine? If you’re subscribed you got an email with a download link. If not, and you bought it, contact and we’ll make sure you get it.

  4. Hello C&V-Team, another great issue! I think it’s a no-brainer for everybody who loves high-end photography. Will recomend it to all my mates and buddies!

    best regards

  5. Hi David, just wanted to let you know that Photograph is a spectacular magazine, thank you!

  6. Is Photograph only available as a PDF download or are printed cpies available?

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