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Well, somehow we did it. A year after we released the first issue of PHOTOGRAPH, we’re releasing issue four, completing our first year. We’ve got a growing number of subscribers and more and more amazing photographers that want to be a part of something different like this. Thanks so much for being part of it, for reading, making suggestions, and for sharing this with others.

Today Issue 4 of PHOTOGRAPH gets released to you, and with it the commercial work of Nick Hall, the beautiful abstracts of Kathy Beal, and the stunning work of Sam Krisch who blew me away with his work on our first trip to Antarctica. Articles include all the usual great columnists, a feature article about the Zone system for digital photographers, my Without the Camera article on Learning to See, and a great article on the use of space in composition from John Paul Caponigro. As always, it’s large, beautiful, and ad-free.





  1. how come subscribers don’t get the email before the post goes up? Seems that it would be easy to blast out a subscriber an email first then post the blog later so that us who have paid up front get to grab it first.

    1. Seems the Blogpost and the mails get out simultaneously… Mine arrived ten minutes after the Blogpost.

  2. Mine hasn’t come at all. Looking for it or forward to it. No it is not in my spam folder.

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  4. It would be nice if subscribers received the email link to #4 and did not have to be ignored twice after emailing your customer service about it. I still have not received #4 and am pretty pissed.

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