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Being its editor-in-chief, it’s hard not to be unashamedly biased about this magazine . Each issue gets better and better and with each one I’m more sure we’re doing something beautiful, something full of value. It’s ad-free, and its circulation is still on the “cult-following” side, which means this is more a labour of love than a good business model but we do it, like we do all our publications, For the Love of the Photograph. I hope this issue brings you insane inspiration.  Keats famously said that education isn’t so much filling a bucket as it is lighting a fire. I think we can do both.

Because she is mostly responsible for the issue-by-issue creation of this beautiful magazine, and I have the joy of reading it and taking credit for it, I want to use what my partner Cynthia wrote about this issue:

Issue 12 of PHOTOGRAPH magazine celebrates diversity of expression, from imaginative portraiture, to the sensual canals of Venice, the solitude of dales in snow, and the joy of telling stories about oneself.

Portfolios and interviews include John Keatley (interviewed in Episode 3 of the C&V iTunes Podcast), who lets us in on the behind-the-scenes nerves and excitement of photographing celebrities, and what it takes to come up with ideas to keep portraits interesting and entertaining; David duChemin, who opens his heart—and his portfolio—about his ongoing photographic Venetian love affair; Doug Chinnery, who explains why sharpness is overrated and that there are no rules (or police) in photography; and the Instagram stylings of Pilar Franco Borrell, who—despite her claims of “being a bit of a mess”—creates light and fun photographic stories in which she is often the main character.

Regular contributors John Paul Caponigro, Michael Frye, Guy Tal, Chris Orwig, Martin Bailey, Piet Van den Eynde, Adam Blasberg and David duChemin express themselves with articles on discipline, position, knowing where to stand, letting go of perfectionism, choosing risk, metering modes, the evolution of a portrait, the power of persistence, and creating a presentation folio. 

PHOTOGRAPH magazine strives to provide an inspirational and educational showcase that goes beyond f/stops and so-called conventional thinking that you “must” do anything in this craft. At just over 230 ad-free pages, our goal remains to deliver thought-provoking, high-quality value in photographic education.

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