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I spent December unpacking from my 2-month wander around the UK and Italy, and the usual pile of things including working through 2 months of images I needed to edit and post-produce. Unlike many for whom this is a painful process, I find it goes pretty quickly and I look forward to it. In part that’s because I’ve been doing it a long time. And in part it’s because I’ve simplified the process and don’t make more of it than it needs to be for me. So I had time left over to work on my latest project. Today we’re releasing After The Camera, a 20-episode video series about editing and image development in the digital darkroom, specifically Adobe Lightroom. Here’s a 60-second teaser:


I sat down and recorded 20 sessions in my studio office, so you can sit beside me and look at my screen while I walk you through my vision-driven workflow, from import, to editing, to post-production and refining images for output. It’s a simplified approach to the digital darkroom and I made it specifically for people who get a little overwhelmed by the possibilities.

Beginning with identifying your vision or intent, then walking through some very specific, but simple, steps, this approach is my day-today workflow, focusing on aesthetics, and not bogged down by the overly-technical. If you need to brush up on your Lightroom chops, there’s lots in here – all the tips and tricks I use to speed things up. If you need to better understand ideas like visual mass, and how to better lead the eye around an image, that’s in there too. And once I’ve talked through all the ideas with you, I open a series of images and walk through them from beginning to end.  And if you don’t already have them, I’m including my set of 36 Develop Presets for Lightroom.

After the Camera will be available, with the included presets, in 20 streaming and downloadable videos, for USD$40, but for the next week it’s yours for only $30, saving you 25%. If you haven’t already, take a look at the 60-second trailer near the top of this article, and then, if you want more, the full Episode 13 video is below. As always, thank you for your support. I’m in Lesotho, Africa right now but I’ll drop a line as soon as I can.


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  1. This is great! Living in a rural area, I have a MiFi with metered data. How big is the download?

    1. Author

      Hi Jeanne – The videos can be either streamed or downloaded but the average size of each episode is between one-hundred-and-fifty and 200mb. Some are a little lighter, some a little heavier.

    2. I have a similar problem butthere is an SD download option that is a lot smaller file size.
      At a guess about 25mb per episode.

  2. Thanks Sophie. USD has been the currency on this site for a while now because charging in CAD tends to confuse people and is much less predictable for us and our authors.

  3. Thanks David.
    I’ve only watched the intro & the free episode so far but I’ve a sneaking suspicion this could be the best $30.00 I’ve spent on photography.

  4. I just want to say thank you! My biggest frustration is after downloading my images , not really knowing how to go about refining my vision or what the possibilities are in post production. I’m so excited about this video series, but mostly I wanted to thank you for making it financially attainable. This may be the best purchase I will make this year.

  5. Thanks Paul. I do very little keywording myself so really the answer is no. I mention it but probably not thoroughly enough to be much help to those that want a much more robust use out of keywording.

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  7. Dear David, i am almost through viewing your work “After the camera”. It is awesome! I learned a lot and i almost had the feeling of sitting next to you in front of your computer. Although i have watched the after the camera videos in your work “Created Image”, “After the camera” made me better understand your processing. Looking forward to the new edition of Visually Speaking! Big thank you for sharing your talent and vision with us!

  8. Hey, David! I was watching the second video for After The Camera and at 7:18 a small detail caught my attention: some Lightroom presets called “SHARPEN FOR FUJI”. It’s known that Lightroom has some specific sharpen issues with Fuji X and some people have their own tricks to improve that. Being a Fuji X user I became curious, what are these presets? Are they yours?

    1. Author

      Hi Esdras – Good eye! No, these aren’t mine. I found an article online at one point and the author gave his own suggestions for those sharpening presets. I created them for my own use in Lightroom but to be honest haven’t played with them much. There’s so much noise out there about sharpening Fuji Trans-X files and I just haven’t seen what the challenge is.

  9. I have been watching the videos in this series (about half way through) and want to thank you very much for this wonderful approach to photography. The whole idea of knowing the original intent and working to preserve, enhance, convey that intent totally makes sense to me. A lot of resources out there show how to use the various buttons and sliders; you explain the far more important why to use them to best effect. Already I have changed my approach to the digital darkroom. and have revisited some older images to practice what I am learning. So thank you for putting this together.

  10. Okay – not to sound ignorant, but is there a place to choose download over streaming? Also not seeing the SD smaller download option. Any help appreciated for this computer neophyte!

    1. Hi Jeanne. Did you figure out how to download? I’ll just give you info as a fellow user: When you go to the site listed on your instruction page (and enter your exclusive access code), you’ll see the videos. Under each video is a download button and when you click on it all the options for download are available underneath that. I personally recommend one of the HD options for a better viewing experience as I found the SD a bit too grainy.

      That’s my twocents worth of info; if you need more from the official team, their e-mail is

      ‘hope this helps!

  11. I just made the reply to Jeanne and I don’t know how that video became part of my reply…I haven’t looked at it so know nothing about it. Many apologies to all on this page. I’ve sent a note to the support team to see if they can fix it.

    Thanks for your understanding!

    1. Author

      Thanks Melinda – I don’t know either. But I went back in the comments and one of my comments seemed to have a weird video link. I reworded the text and it went away. Very strange. Thanks for jumping in with your reply to Jeanne. I don’t always see these comments and I’m grateful for the team effort 🙂

  12. The buy now links are broken and I can’t find it on the Craft and Vision site. Is it no longer available? If not, why not? Take my money…

  13. Hi David, help!!!! I bought After The Camera last year and was loving it, but now I seem to have lost access! How do I get it back please???


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