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I’d love to see you come to Kenya on safari with me. So this week we’re offering two chances to do just that. The first will cost you nothing at all. Just head over to Craft & Vision and download Safari: A Monograph completely free. I created this ebook after my first safari as a way to pay for an addition to an elementary school; it’s filled with images from my first safari and thoughts about my process, the gear, etc. I hope you enjoy it. It’s free for a week, then it goes back to $5.

And if a virtual trip isn’t going to cut it for you, my January 2017 Maasai Mara safari just got $1000 cheaper due to an unexpected scheduling change, and there are limited spots available. If the idea of bumping around the savannah in the early mornings in a Land Cruiser, photographing lions and elephants in gorgeous light, spending free time having a glass of wine with me and talking photography, then going to bed in your luxury camp while listening to the frogs and the lions – if that idea quickens your pulse and sparks your imagination, I’d love to see you send in an application. You can find more information and apply on the dedicated safari page.


This safari is the last chance to travel with me now until September 2017, every other workshop is completely sold out. If you want in, now’s the chance!

Get your free copy of SAFARI.Get more information on the Maasai Mara 2017 Safari.

“Exploring the Maasai Mara with David was truly a life-altering experience, an overused term that I don’t use lightly. David is generous with his time, knowledge and camaraderie which adds a ton of icing on an already beautiful cake.”
~ Alan Lawrence, Maasai Mara Alumni 2016

“Going on a trip with David, one learns very quickly that David is passionate.  But he’s not passionate about “his” photography, or even “your” photography.  He is passionate about your being able to get the photo that you makes you passionate.  And this was most amazing to me.  I know how to push the button.  But he challenged me, asking what is my story, what is my vision and what is my reason for taking this photograph.  Then David wants to help you take the  photograph that makes you most passionate about your own work.  This was an amazing experience that I will treasure for the rest of my life.”
~Bruce Lewandoski, Maasai Mara Alumni 2016


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