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I took much of last week off to get some needed work done on the Craft & Vision website. Part of that overhaul was the addition of a Craft & Vision blog. When we decided with some sadness to retire PHOTOGRAPH Magazine we knew we wanted to keep parts of it alive. The magazine was a success, but an expensive one. The blog aims to keep giving you the best of PHOTOGRAPH without us having to sell the farm.

Our initial goal is to publish great articles from our community of authors, and short interviews with photographers doing interesting things, so we can introduce you to their work. Keeping with our name, there will be some technical articles about the craft alongside articles about vision and the creative process. We won’t overwhelm you; we aren’t trying to be PetaPixel. We just want to keep building the community and serving you as best we can. We’ll start with about 3 articles a week.

I will continue to write here. I’m enjoying the sanity of the once-a-week kind of stride I’m hitting. But I will also be posting on the C&V Blog. We’re hoping a diversity of content will bring more people into the fold. As part of that we also want to celebrate the work of photographers in the C&V community. We’re still working on how to do that but for now we’re starting with Instagram. Check out today’s blog post for details.

Right now there is a great article about using Target Collections in Lightroom, an Interview with Cristina Mittermeier, and a review of the Epson P800 printer, along with a handful of other articles, with more to come. Do me a favour and check it out, and if an article strikes a chord we’d love it if you hit one of the share buttons at the bottom, or commented to let us know you’re out there. More to come, thanks for being part of this.




  1. This new (ish) C&V blog is inspiring, I just had a quick look around and it’s great! I’m going back to refill the bucket and stir the paint!

  2. The new blog is beautiful! And I love the idea for Instagram…I’m already following, but look forward to seeing the changes coming to life. You and your team are awesome!

  3. David,

    The Manifesto video, For the Love of the Photograph, is gone from Craft & Vision. 😢 I hope this doesn’t make you nervous on rainy nights when you are home alone, but I have watched the video at least 30 times. I can never watch it just once.

    1. Author

      Thanks Corey! Not creepy at all. The Manifesto will be back, just not sure where to put it yet 🙂

  4. Sorry to hear of the demise of Photograph magazine. I deeply enjoyed every issue and would have paid more for each issue.

    But thanks for what you’ve added to the C&V site.

  5. Hi David, as ever, thanks a lot for your effort to open our eyes and heart and for help us to doesn´t forget why we are where we are. It was a pitty what about Photograph magazine, those i could read where amazing!

    Personal dinancial problems let me without credit card since years ago, so it´s impossible for me to buy your digital stuff yet (I brought all your books that i could found -2 in argentina and 2 in spain brought by my uncle). Ok, all this were my excuses for not contribute with Craft & vision economy, but i write only for a little tiny detail in craft & vision blog.

    I read your blog and follow your podcast and all your stuff and craft & vision things and i don´t know why, but i like to imagine who is writing any article you post at craft & vision post. As an example, as i was reading the first one it was very confusing the way you was writing it, it wasn´t your style but i love it. I could promise it was Guy Tal style but being a “spanish language” person i suppose was my fault, all until i reach the end of the entry.
    Also happen with the one of Piet, i read all imaging that Cynthia was the one who wrote it (she posted so was her name in the post). I really don´t want to go to the end before read it to know who wrote that entry, don´t know why, i suppose i feel it like go to the last page of the book without reading first…
    So, that´s my suggestion for this wonderful and hiperwelcome new blog.

    Thanks a lot for all again. I not sure if your really know what you are doing with the photographic universe we have the luck to live.
    (as ever, please excuse my english)
    Patagonia Argentina

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