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Big News. Free eBooks. Huge Charity Impact. And your only chance to join me for a 26 week course that’ll change your photography forever. Only for the next 5 Days.

This year’s 5 Day Deal just started and again we have a chance to raise some incredible money for charity and save some huge bucks on some exceptional photographic resources. In short: over $2500 worth of photography education for only $97. For 5 days only.

But the longer story is better than that. It begins with a great deal, for sure. And the money raised for charity, including for the Boma Project with whom I work so closely, is incredible – think 6 figures. Amazing. But wait! There’s more!

First, we’re conscious of how many sales messages you get everyday, some of them from my team at Craft & Vision. We don’t love the noise these sales create. So we’re going to try to offset that noise, or at least make it the kind of noise that you hear coming from a great celebration. Here’s what we’re doing, in addition to asking to asking you to consider looking at the bundle and buying it through the links on this page.

Today we launched a new eBook and it’s yours completely free. It’s called Master The Craft, 8 Step to Becoming a Better Photographer. It’s no War and Peace, but I’m hoping it’ll serve you well as you move down the path on this journey. Get it here by signing up for the Contact Sheet, and we’ll send you the link.

Every day we’re sending out the Contact Sheet, an email newsletter from Craft & Vision, and with it we’re sending new free resources everyday – 12 in total over the course of this sale. Not a subscriber – make sure you’re on the list here (and we’ll send you a link for the free Master The Craft eBook). And yes, if you really want to you can unsubscribe at the end of the sale. But we’re hoping you’ll like our stuff enough to stick around.

Today I’m launching The Vision Collective. The Vision Collective is a 26-week email course designed to push you deeper into your craft, to help you refine your vision, and create more intentional work. Each week I will send you a new lesson about a subject that takes you into the real work of creating compelling photography (for example, subjects that center around storytelling or visual design), and included in that lesson will be a new creative exercise to push you a little further, and an introduction to masters of this craft to help you study work that challenges you and builds your visual literacy and repertoire.

Designed not to be overwhelming but to take you deeper and push you harder, The Vision Collective brings focus to your training as a photographer. No gimmicks, no platitudes or shortcuts, just solid teaching about your vision and your craft. And – here’s the important part – it’s only available through the 5DayDeal, and only for the next 5 days.

Your next steps?

Get the free eBook, Master Your Craft, by making sure you’re signed up to get The Contact Sheet (many of you already do, so no need to do anything more – you’re in and should have already got an email with a link). And then check out the 5 Day Deal – if you want to be part of The Vision Collective, this is your only chance.

This sale, as I said, raises a ton of money for some very good causes. I make money as an affiliate and it’s from those sales I pay for my pro-bono work for The Boma Project, one of this year’s 5DayDeal Charity Partners. Thanks in advance for considering this, and for being part of what I do. If you want to share the love even more, share this post with the social buttons below. Thanks!

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  1. Hi. I purchased the 5 Day Deal but when I click on the link for the enrollment form all I get is a blank page.

  2. Why do I need help with my vision?

    What I see and present to others is mine, I don’t need someone else telling me what I like…or don’t like.

  3. Well, John, perhaps this isn’t the course for you. Or maybe it is but you’ve assumed I have any intention at all of telling you what you like or don’t. I’m sorry you’ve misunderstood me, but don’t make the mistake of thinking every photographer is like you. Some are stuck. Some would welcome a mentor that cares about their work and their creative life. If you don’t need input you’re a lot further along than most of us. Let me know if you offer mentoring yourself, I might take you up on it.

  4. Hi. I’m having problems registering using the link on the 5 Day Deal.


  5. I seem to have missed the 5 Day Deal by minutes. Are you sure you are not going to release the 26-week course any other way?

  6. I’m with Ellen. Missed the deal but would love to hear of any other way to join the Vision Collective if that is possible.

  7. I purchased the 5 day deal and filled out your form but have never received a confirmation email. I’m anxious to see what this program offers! How do I get started if I can’t get the confirmation email?


  8. Like others here, I have subscribed but got no emails from you. Help please, as I am keen to learn

    1. Author

      Hi Garry – The plan is for the first email to go out this coming Monday, November 07. But you should have received an email telling you this and welcoming you to the party. I’m sorry that hasn’t happened. Have you checked your Junk folder? Either way, I will forward your email to my support team and they’ll make sure you’re on the mailing list. We can’t do anything about your spam filters, unfortunately. If you do not get an email from me on the 7th, please email for direct help. Cool?

  9. Hi David, I have been following you on Facebook for a while, and have signed up for the 5 Day Deal simply because your course was a part of it. I have just read through your first Vision Collective email and felt as if you were speaking directly to me. Thank you for challenging me, I can’t wait to see where this journey will lead! Exciting times!

  10. Hi David,

    I have been following the Vision Collective emails and I was not able to receive the week four and five emails. I hope you can help me.

    Thank you!

  11. I am enjoying the course. I have photographed for over 50 years, and now that I am retired I am looking for new inspirations, projects, an excitement.
    I did miss the week and 2 email. Can I get a copy of it? I look forward to the rest of the course.
    Many thanks

  12. David, will you be offering this course in the near future. I missed it last time…would love to take! Thanks, Linda (Photogal) (

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