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BOMA Project: Back to the field

On Tuesday I’m heading back to Kenya. I’ll be exploring Tsavo (think The Ghost and The Darkness) and Diani (think beaches) for a week and then on January 17th I’m heading back to work. After what will be a forced hiatus of 20 months, due to my accident, I’m finally returning to client work with humanitarian organizations. I’m thrilled to be hobbling back into the field, but even more so that it’s with the BOMA Project. I was there 2 years ago for a couple weeks photographing the Rendille, Samburu, and Turkana, and my time there changed me in ways no assignment ever has.

The BOMA Project was kind enough to let me show these images in my latest book, The Print and The Process, and you participate in BOMA’s work when you buy a copy of that book, with 10% of all royalties going to their work in these small off-the-map communities. If you want to see more of this work, like the portraits that accompany this article, the only place to see it, and read about my process working on assignments like this, is in The Print and the Process.

Northern Kenya is one of the poorest places I’ve ever traveled, and I’ve traveled a good chunk of the world. I found among these nomads some of the most beautiful, creative, empowered people I’ve ever met, and, after being adopted into one particularly remote Rendille village, I feel I’m returning home. I’ll be bringing a cow and instigating a full-on homecoming BBQ. Can’t wait! We’re bringing a video camera and I’ll do some behind-the-scenes blog posts when I get back, though I’ll promise nothing so good, or poorly shot,  as this 2011 You-Tube video of Corwin dancing with our new friends.

Postcards will be few and far between, I’m afraid, and by that I mean, there aren’t likely to be any postcards. Not until towards the end of the month when I’m back into Nairobi. And by then we’ll be close to launching Issue Two of PHOTOGRAPH as well.  See you soon!


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