Aug 25th


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Photographically Speaking: A Preview

Photographically Speaking is nearing the final stages of being an actual honest-to-goodness book. It’s been on Amazon and other online retailers for pre-orders for a while now. But now it’s almost done layouts and then it’s off to the printers. I made a video to talk about the book itself and why I wrote it. That video is linked above. Hit the graphic above and it should open in a new browser. The video will probably see another edit before it goes to the rest of the world but as with everything I do, I try to give you as close to a sneak peak as I can.  I’m really excited about this book. I hope you’ll join me in anticipating its release in October. You can find more information on the product page at If everything had gone to plan this spring the book would be in your hands in a couple weeks, now it looks like mid-October but I believe it’ll be well worth the wait. Thanks for your patience.

You can also watch the video on Vimeo HERE if you prefer. I’m working on posting to YouTube but so far it just mangles the video.

Aug 17th


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New eBook – Making Light

One of the most intimidating skills to wrap your head around is the use of flash, especially when you take it off the camera. Teachers like Joe McNally and David Hobby have done a lot to make this stuff more accessible. The latest Craft & Vision release is MAKING LIGHT, An Introduction to Off-Camera Flash, […]

Jul 12th


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Easily the best-selling books in the Craft&Vision library are still TEN and TEN MORE. They’re still the most popular books and they’re still one of the best values in photography education out there anywhere. Well recently we’ve been feeling like they were getting a little dusty – our designs have evolved, and let’s face it, […]

Photographically Speaking: I’m Done.

Just a quick update on the newest book, Photographically Speaking. I was genuinely worried how far we’d have to push the deadlines out on this after my accident but if there’s one things everyone knows, including publishers and Kathy Bates, it’s that a writer with broken ankles gets way more done than his colleagues that […]

Jun 27th


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A Deeper Frame

In my first eBook, TEN, I made ten suggestions for improving your photographs. The first of ten was to add greater depth to your photographs, but I didn’t elaborate much. Now halfway through writing a new book, Photographically Speaking, sidelines by what might have been a fatal fall while shooting in Pisa, Italy, I have […]

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