Nov 9th


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The fourth in my series of ebooks is now out. CHASING THE LOOK, 10 Ways To Improve The Aesthetics of Your Photographs is a little longer than the last few. I think of this one as a companion to DRAWING THE EYE, as both titles are about improving our images through a better understanding of the visual language of photography. CHASING THE LOOK is about making intentional choices about the use of our gear and the settings on our cameras based on their affect on the aesthetic of the image. It begins to answer the question we all ask at some point while looking at the images of others – “How come my photographs don’t look like that?”

This one accidentally got to 48 pages. I’m not known for brevity. But I like to think that’s a good thing. It’s broken into ten sections, and like the previous ebooks, there are creative exercises, though not for every topic. It’s still gorgeously laid out, and at only $5 I like to think these eBooks are still one of the best values out there.


Chasing The Look is a downloadable PDF file. You can get your hot little virtual hands on it right now by clicking the Add To Cart button below, or by going to the bookstore.

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Nov 9th


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Get A Life.

There’s this great story about William Shatner ( aka Capt Kirk aka the guy) at a Star Trek convention. Clearly a bit put off by his fans he yelled at them to “Get a life!” Ok, not much of a story, more like a cautionary tale about biting the hand that feeds you, but […]

Oct 26th


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State Of The Blog Address

On Thursday the 22nd I attended a conference called Creative Mix Vancouver. It was the brainchild of my manager, Corwin Hiebert, and it was incredibly inspiring to me to see a room packed with creatives from an incredible cross-section of disciplines. We had writers and publishers, ad executives and musicians, video-game creators, film-makers, photographers, and […]

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