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Apr 30th


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Dave Delnea’s LR Develop Presets

One of the best ways for me personally to learn Lightroom is with Develop Presets. As a starting point for adopting a new aesthetic and learning the mechanics under the hood, presets suit my learning style better than almost anything. Apply the preset, dig through the changes, make some tweaks. I learn something every time. They’re also a killer way of short-cutting what can be an otherwise long and painful process. Most of us didn’t get into photography because we love computers and software but because we love photographs. Develop Presets can shorten both the learning curve and the time spent in the digital darkroom. What they can not do is rescue a bad photograph. They can hone and polish but the hard work is still up to us while we’re behind the camera. No preset can change the lines, light, or moments that make photographs what they are.

So with that in mind I released my own Preset Package about 6 months ago and the feedback’s been amazing. So I asked my friend, Dave Delnea, if he’d consider allowing us to release his own Lightroom Develop Presets, and he agreed, so today we’re releasing that package.

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Dave Delnea is a full-time working photographer in Vancouver and he’s worked for some great clients. I can’t walk around Vancouver without seeing his work on walls, billboards, and the side of trains. He has what some people refer to as “a really commercial look” which is just photographer-speak for an excellent, unique, and consistent aesthetic. One of the ways he accomplishes this look is in his post-production, specifically his toning. He’s also one of the photographers I most respect for his commitment to his craft; I learn a lot from him.

So Dave’s given us 46 of his best Develop Presets for Lightroom, which we’ve packaged together with a PDF guide to show you the before + afters and give you instructions on how to install them. That package is available for only $10.

But if you want both Dave Delnea’s presets, and my own set of 36 presets, then we’ve bundled them for $18. Craft & Vision has always done a one week discount of some kind, so if you order before May 5, 2013 you can get both packages for $16 when you use the discount code PRESET2. That’s 82 Lightroom presets used daily by working photographers, for only $0.20/each.

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The Created Image Seminar

This summer we’re hosting a new 2-day photographic intensive called The Created Image. On July 11 and July 12 we’ll convene on Vancouver’s Roundhouse Community Arts Theatre (Yaletown) for two days of teaching and conversation about the craft and art of photography, designed to take you deeper. Get all the details on our Eventbrite registration […]

Apr 7th


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Building SEVEN: It’s Printed!

SEVEN, my fine-art book, is almost ready for the binders. I spent Friday and Saturday at Hemlock Printers watching sheet after sheet come off the press, a massive 10-unit Heidelberg Speedmaster. Each form is a sheet of paper with 6 pages per side, 12 sides in all. The pressman would put the plates on the […]

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