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Mar 26th


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SEVEN Linen Cover, Front Plate.

Yesterday we released SEVEN, my first fine art book, for Pre-Orders. We released it in two limited editions and within hours the first 100, a special dustjacketed edition, were long gone, which throws a wrench in my plans because now we have to re-jig the marketing. A beautiful problem to have and a small price to pay for the thrill of seeing so many people support my work with such enthusiasm. I’m extremely grateful. What’s left of the very limited edition of this book – there will only be 1,000 – are available in the original Limited Edition.

SEVEN is a retrospective collection of the personal work I’ve done over the last 7 years on 7 seven continents.  This is a limited edition book and once those 1,000 signed and numbered copies are gone, they’re gone.

SEVEN, Limited Edition

  • Limited to 1000 copies, hand signed and numbered.
  • 12″ x 12″, 160 pages bound in gorgeous warm Italian linen.
  • Printed in Canada on gorgeous 100lb McCoy Silk Text stock, at 10 microns.
  • These are shipped, with a tracking number, in a custom-made double-walled cardboard mailer.
  • $90 + S/H.

Note: Shipping and handling (S+H) rates are: United States ($25), Canada ($15), and International ($70) – estimated to arrive, with a tracking number, within 14-days.

We’re taking orders now, with payment in full. The book is at the printers and we’re so close we can taste it. We’re expecting to take delivery, sign them, and ship them in the first week of June. We’ll send an email to each purchaser, with tracking numbers, the moment these ship, but you’ll get a confirmation from us the moment you reserve your copy.

I am truly proud of this. I created this as a legacy piece. I wanted to create something beautiful, inside and out. Something that was a delight to touch and hold. I wanted something that would inspire and show you the world the way I see it, in these fleeting glimpses of beauty, hope, and wonder. Unlike so much of what I publish, this is not an educational book. The book opens with a short essay about the gift of photography, and what follows is photograph after photograph, quietly captioned with location and date. I want, at the end of the day, my photographs to speak for themselves. I also believe that looking at, and studying, photographs, is some of the best education we can have in terms of making our own photographs.

I’m so proud to have a chance to put this into your hands, and as always so, so grateful to you for the chance to do what I love and have an audience for my work. Thank you. I hope you’ll celebrate with me and reserve a copy of your own.

Mar 21st


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Building SEVEN: It’s coming!

Next week I’m releasing my fine-art book, SEVEN, for pre-orders. Tuesday, March 26 is your chance to reserve your copy. On Wednesday we’ll be telling the world but it seems only right that you folks get your chance first. And if you reserve your copy within the first 7 days, you can save $15 on […]

Mar 17th


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Timelapse by Dave Delnea

Photographer Dave Delnea and I have had a couple great adventures together. The first was a couple weeks in Iceland, the second roughly the same couple weeks driving down the West Coast. Both experiences were among the wettest and coldest of my life. So now I mostly just stick to having the odd beer in […]


BUY ISSUE TWO [ hana-code-insert ] 'BUY – PQ 2' is not found Today we’re launching Issue Two of PHOTOGRAPH, A Digital Quarterly Magazine for Creative Photographers. It’s 122 spreads long, and it’s gorgeous! The featured portfolios come from Martin Bailey, Andy Biggs, and Chris Orwig, and are followed up with short interviews. We have […]

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