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Aug 17th


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New eBook – Making Light

One of the most intimidating skills to wrap your head around is the use of flash, especially when you take it off the camera. Teachers like Joe McNally and David Hobby have done a lot to make this stuff more accessible. The latest Craft & Vision release is MAKING LIGHT, An Introduction to Off-Camera Flash, by Piet Van den Eynde, and it explores off-camera flash really well. Piet (pronounced Pete) is a great teacher and he covers theory in an easy-to-understand way, and so as not to leave anyone out, he covers both Canon and Nikon flashes. Piet discusses radio triggers and modifiers and all the geek stuff you’ll need to get your flash off the camera and changing the quality of your light. Once he’s discussed the practical stuff he goes on to show you 9 case studies, ways that he’s used off-camera flash in his own work as a traveling photographer who loves making photographs of people.

I’ve seen Piet at work with his flashes and he’s amazing. What I loved most about the way he works is the understated, no-nonsense, way he uses does it. No big light stands, no big fuss. His techniques are practical, real-world techniques and they produce beautiful results. If you bought Piet’s first book, The Power of Black and White, you know what a thorough teacher he is, and what amazing value his books are. I’m his publisher and it breaks my heart to sell these for only $5. :-) This is a meaty book with lots of information in it. If you’ve got a flash or have been holding off because it intimidates you, get this book. If you’ve been playing with off-camera flash, learning from Piet will help you take the next steps.

For the first five days only, if you use the promotional code LIGHT4 when you checkout, you can have the PDF version of Making Light for only $4 OR use the code LIGHT20 to get 20% off when you buy 5 or more PDF ebooks from the Craft & Vision collection. These codes expire at 11:59pm PST August 21st, 2011.

Aug 2nd


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New eBook – Andes by Andrews S. Gibson

Using both film and digital capture, Gibson captures the natural and majestic beauty of places like Machu Picchu; as well as the rich culture and struggles of the Incas and their mountain lifestyle in a raw and intimate journey that is as much about photography as it is about adventure. Andrew is a gifted teacher […]

Your Creative Mix Unleashed

Most of you know I consider my manager and best friend to be a bit of a superhero. Dude just gets it, and gets it done. Without him I’d be floundering. What makes Corwin unique is his ability to understand – and operate on – the difficult bridge between creativity and commerce. While Corwin’s business […]

Jul 12th


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Easily the best-selling books in the Craft&Vision library are still TEN and TEN MORE. They’re still the most popular books and they’re still one of the best values in photography education out there anywhere. Well recently we’ve been feeling like they were getting a little dusty – our designs have evolved, and let’s face it, […]

Jun 27th


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A Deeper Frame

In my first eBook, TEN, I made ten suggestions for improving your photographs. The first of ten was to add greater depth to your photographs, but I didn’t elaborate much. Now halfway through writing a new book, Photographically Speaking, sidelines by what might have been a fatal fall while shooting in Pisa, Italy, I have […]

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