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Jul 12th


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Easily the best-selling books in the Craft&Vision library are still TEN and TEN MORE. They’re still the most popular books and they’re still one of the best values in photography education out there anywhere.

Well recently we’ve been feeling like they were getting a little dusty – our designs have evolved, and let’s face it, our Layout Ninja, Luke Taylor, does a way better job than I ever could. So we put new covers on them and re-designed the entire layouts.

Why am I telling you? Two reasons.

Reason One: I don’t want you getting confused by the slick new look and buying books you already have. You are more than welcome to do so, but the content is all the same. Just new covers and layouts that bring these books up to the standard of our later books.

Reason Two: These are still our best-selling books and they have been so even with the old design because the content is really solid. I am unabashedly proud of these two books and still think you’d be hard-pressed to get better value. And I believe – even more now than I did when I wrote them – that we can improve our craft without spending so much money on gear. So we’ve bundled them together and made them even cheaper -  TEN: Ten Ways to Improve Your Craft Without Buying Gear, with TEN MORE: Ten More Ways to Improve Your Craft Without Buying Gear.

If you haven’t got TEN and TEN MORE, you can have them both, shiny and new, for USD$7.00. This $7 bundle is only available here on my blog (click the Add to Cart button below) but you can get’em separately at the normal price through The Craft&Vision store. And if you’ve already got them and love them, do me a favour and tell the world? Thanks!




Jun 27th


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A Deeper Frame

In my first eBook, TEN, I made ten suggestions for improving your photographs. The first of ten was to add greater depth to your photographs, but I didn’t elaborate much. Now halfway through writing a new book, Photographically Speaking, sidelines by what might have been a fatal fall while shooting in Pisa, Italy, I have […]

Jun 15th


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At the end of the month, Craft & Vision is releasing the first eBook I’ve written in over 6 months and I’m really excited about it. When I wrote the last one I said it would be the last eBook I wrote about vision for some time, and that the next books would be about […]

Jun 6th


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New eBook – (micro)STOCK

  I sell a few thousand dollars worth of stock images a year through various stock agencies. I don’t put much work into it, which is what keeps my paycheques low, but while stock photography isn’t remotely what it once was, it’s still an exciting and viable option for photographers. I make enough to cover […]

May 11th


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New eBook – Extreme Perspectives

  With all the recent talk around here of risk and adventure, I can’t imagine a better time to release Alexandre Buisse’s eBook – Extreme Perspectives, An Introduction to Mountain Photography. Alexandre is a both a mountaineer and a photographer, creating beautiful images of high places and the journey of getting there. If photographing in […]

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