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Nov 14th


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Beyond Thirds, Andrew S. Gibson

Composition is about how we build our photographs. It’s not a subject peripheral to photography: it’s dead central. Or sitting slightly off-centre on one of the thirds. :-) Unless you talk to Andrew S. Gibson about it, then the conventional rule of thirds gets a bit of a much-needed overhaul.

When Andrew sent me the proposal for his latest eBook, I sat on it for a while. I was in the middle of my own book about composition, and wasn’t at all ready to consider publishing someone else’s. But I’ve long believed that complimentary voices are stronger than competitive ones, so when I finally surfaced and read Andrew’s book, I was happy to see we were both writing about similar things, but in different ways and from different directions.

BEYOND THIRDS is an eBook about taking composition past the so-called rules. It’s a thoughtful, practical book about the way we build our photographs within the constraint of the frame. When I first started studying composition I was frustrated by all the disconnected discussion about leading lines and balance, conversations I felt I was dropping into the middle of, never quite knowing what the authors meant. Andrew’s book is free from that pretense, and what I like about it most is his intentional decision to move past the so-called rule of thirds, and to treat that rule with some suspicion. Anarchy has a place in art, and if there’s one thing we’d do well to question, it’s WHY we keep using these so-called rules. BEYOND THIRDS does that.

If you’re looking to probe into questions of composition a little deeper, BEYOND THIRDS is a great place to do that. It’s not encyclopedic, but like all the C&V titles, it’s meaty without being pedantic or academic, and I think that makes learning, and making this kind of teaching our own, much easier.

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Oct 19th


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Making Light 2, Piet Van den Eynde

When I asked Piet to write ebooks for Craft & Vision, I had no idea what I was doing. The man just doesn’t know how to write a short ebook. Fortunately he does know how to write a great one. It’s just always so freaking long I have to pay everyone involved with it twice […]

Sep 5th


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Moving Forward

Hi folks. The more rabid among you have already noticed that this September is the first month I’ve missed a wallpaper in, well, I think it’s the first time. Sorry. So much going on, my head is swimming. But read to the end, it’ll be waiting for you. I was released from The Rehabilitation Centre […]

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