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Dec 9th


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The latest issue of PHOTOGRAPH is, as it always is, gorgeous. Featuring articles, portfolios, and interviews with  some truly talented photographers. Be inspired by the dark art of Brooke Shaden, the surreal black and white architectural work of Susan Burnstine, the colourful impressionistic street photographs of Jim Kasson, and the beautiful Ethiopian portraiture of Clive Charlton, along with articles about visual flow from John Paul Caponigro, photographic rhythm from Michael Frye, and others, like Guy Tal, Chris Orwig, Martin Bailey, Piet van Den Eynde, Adam Blasberg, and me. It’s almost 250 pages long, ad-free, and beautiful, and I think it’s one of the best values in photographic education and inspiration out there.

As always, we’re offering you a 20% discount for the first week, as a way of saying thank you to our regular readers. Buy Issue 10 of PHOTOGRAPH before December 17, and it’s yours for $6.40 instead of $8.00.

And if you are a regular reader, would you do me a favour and tell someone about the magazine? We’re doing something different here and it’s readers like you who are our best ambassadors. We’d be grateful if you sent out a Tweet, or shared this on Facebook. Tell the world, friends.


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The Created Image, Vol.02

This July we hosted the second Created Image conference here in Vancouver. This time I was joined by Steve Simon and Piet van Den Eynde for this intense photography weekend. Over two days we talked about making compelling photographs – from learning to see and honing the skills that have nothing to do with the […]

Oct 27th


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Win My Tripod

Me and one of my tripods in Antarctica. You will be getting a non-licked version. I have too many tripods. I know, I know, first-world problems. But my problem is your opportunity because we thought we could either throw one of these $1,200 Gitzos in the garbage (totally kidding), OR, we could give one away. […]

Oct 7th


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Issue 9 of PHOTOGRAPH has just been released and it rocks. It’s a brand new format, making it much more readable on devices like the iPad, and completely re-designed. It’s also the first in our third year (THREE YEARS!), and with this we’re moving from a quarterly magazine to bi-monthly. 6 great issues a year. […]

Sep 30th


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Vision is Still Better

Several years ago I was asked if I’d consider doing something like a yearbook for my blog – a curated compilation of the best stuff, minus the posts where I introduce a new book or workshop – so that people could access my stuff offline in an easy-to-read kind of way. Vision Is Better, the […]

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