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Mar 10th


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Striking Landscapes


cv_add_to_cartToday we’re releasing Martin Bailey’s latest eBook – Striking Landscapes, Techniques for Photographers in Beautiful Places. It’s big (80 pages) and beautiful, and like anything Martin does, it digs into some of the nitty gritty stuff – usually the same kind of stuff I go to Martin for help on because as hard as I lean to the artsy fartsy poet-warrior stuff, Martin leans to the technical. He just knows this stuff, and explains it, better than I can. And by stuff I mean things like shooting and stitching panoramas, star trails, and filter systems, along with pages of other helpful stuff. Take a look at the table of contents and the sample spreads here, and head over to Craft & Vision to get in on the launch discount.

Buy before March 17, 2014 at 11:59 PM (PST) and Striking Landscapes is available for CAD $6.50 (that’s $1.50 off the retail price) if you use following discount code: STRIKING6

StrikingLandscapes_Spreads_00 StrikingLandscapes_Spreads_01-1 StrikingLandscapes_Spreads_01 StrikingLandscapes_Spreads_03-2 StrikingLandscapes_Spreads_03 StrikingLandscapes_Spreads_04 StrikingLandscapes_Spreads_08 StrikingLandscapes_Spreads_10 StrikingLandscapes_Spreads_11 StrikingLandscapes_Spreads_12


Feb 10th


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The newest issue of PHOTOGRAPH—a digital quarterly magazine for creative photographers—is hot off the virtual press and our team’s created another really great issue. Issue 6 includes three portfolios and Q+As—this time from Hal Eastman, Scott Rinchenberger, and Nathan Wirth, all of them full of some breathtaking photography and really thoughtful interviews about why and […]

Jan 27th


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New LR Develop Presets Released

This Adobe Lightroom Develop preset package includes 42 of Nicole S. Young’s most-used presets and a 16-page PDF manual, which includes installation instructions and complete before/after catalog of photographs of each preset to give you a sense of what to expect. Presets are extremely helpful in making one’s workflow more efficient. They also give us […]

Jan 14th


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The Natural Portrait

Today Craft & Vision releases Andrew S. Gibson’s comprehensive introduction to natural light portraiture – not surprisingly titled, The Natural Portrait. Like some of our most recent books, this one’s big – it’s 240 pages and it covers a really wide gamut of topics from working with models, to lens choices, camera settings, light considerations, […]