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Oct 14th


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New eBook – The Visual Storyteller



Some of the most powerful photographs tell—or imply—a story. Of course, not all of them do, but the ones that do seem to engage us in ways others don’t. Capturing a sense of story in our photographs isn’t easy, but it’s a good way to make our photographs stronger. Oded Wagenstein is a young Israeli photographer with a surprising number of publishing credits to his name already, and is a regular in National Geographic Traveler (the Israeli edition). The Visual Storyteller is his first eBook and it’s an excellent introduction to incorporating story into our photographs. I say it’s an introduction because storytelling is a really rich subject and Oded’s book was written as a primer for anyone wanting to either wrap their brains around this topic, or to begin selling their work to editorial markets, which is where Oded makes his bread and butter.

Beautifully laid out, The Visual Storyteller takes you from a discussion about what makes a good story-telling photograph, and the basic elements of storytelling, to how we incorporate that knowledge into our work. He goes on to discuss gear, light, composition, approaching people, and how to get your photographs published, including an interview with a National Geographic Editor-in-Chief. Beginners and intermediate photographers who travel with their cameras, or have an interest in pursuing work as travel photographers, will find value in this beautiful 78-page eBook.

The Visual Storyteller, by Oded Wagenstein is a downloadable PDF ebook published by Craft & Vision. For the next week it’s available for just $4 (discount codes below).



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The Created Image Video Series, Vol 1.

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Sep 9th


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The Visual Toolbox

Something about making photographs makes sense to me. It has since I was fourteen. I love photographs, and making them, more now than I ever have. Learning this craft, and creating this art, is one of my great joys. Teaching it, too. I’ve thought often about what it would look like to open a photography […]

Aug 26th


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4th Birthday Sale!

Light the candles. Sing the song. Cut the cake. Craft & Vision is 4 years old. We know we can’t send birthday cake to you in a PDF, but we can go one better. Today and tomorrow only (August 27 & 28, 2013), everything in the Craft & Vision store is 50% off (OK, almost […]