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New Podcast Coming


A couple years ago I did a podcast with Peachpit called Within The Frame. I did 20 episodes and still get weekly requests to do more. Until now I just didn’t feel the love I want to have for a project in order to sit down and do it. Now I have the love, and the time. So we’re launching a free video podcast called About The Image and it’ll be on the new Craft & Vision website when that launches next month.

But to create it, and get it off the ground with some momentum, I’m hoping you’ll be a part of it now.

The podcast is very much like the old Within The Frame podcast. Each week (roughly) I’ll feature a photograph and talk about it – the composition, technique, emotional and visual pull, as well as comments about post-processing. Not so much a critique as a discussion intended to provoke thought and learning.

If you’d like your photograph considered for the podcast, please submit it by email, but first, please make sure you send it to spec or we just can’t use it. Here’s the goods:

Horizontal images are best. I’m not saying we won’t use a great vertical photograph, but the horizontal images just fit this medium better. Size: 3000 pixels on the long side, sRGB, saved as a JPG around 80% quality so it’s good but not gigantic. Keeping the EXIF data in the file will be most helpful. Please don’t watermark it. We will use this image for the video podcast only and once it is used we will delete it. I promise. No rights grabbing here, just a chance to show some photographs from the people in this community and to talk about them.

Please include your full name in the image file name. Example: david-duchemin-1.jpg would be great. Otherwise we just lose track of them. Cool?

Please don’t send more than 2. Pretty please? But the 2 you send? Send them here:

Thanks for being part of this. We’ll keep you posted about when the first one, which is a discussion of one of my own images and the sequence that got me there, is released.

*No restrictions about what kind of images – a photograph is a photograph. If I feel it’s worth talking about in a way that I can make educational, it’s fair game. If it’s inappropriate for this audience for some reason I’ll just refrain from using it.

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