May 11th


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New eBook – Extreme Perspectives


With all the recent talk around here of risk and adventure, I can’t imagine a better time to release Alexandre Buisse’s eBook – Extreme Perspectives, An Introduction to Mountain Photography.

Alexandre is a both a mountaineer and a photographer, creating beautiful images of high places and the journey of getting there. If photographing in the outdoors appeals to you at all, this book is a must. If beautiful images of unbelievably inaccessible places inspire you, this book is a must for you too. I’ve long said there is no one discipline in photography that can’t be learned from, and the same is true here.

This exciting ebook takes you through some of Alexandre’s expeditions and gives you access to the gear and the vision he used when shooting in these breathtaking remote locations. And, in a way reminiscent of The Print & Process Series,  Alexandre describes the behind-the-scenes action while making a selection of his photographs. The travel and harsh conditions are only just the beginning! When creating truly unique and inspiring images there’s nothing quite like living the dream one day at a time, one adventure at a time.

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Special Offer on PDFs
For the first four days only, if you use the promotional code EXTREME4 when you checkout, you can have the PDF version of Extreme Perspectives for only $4 OR use the code EXTREME20 to get 20% off when you buy 5 or more PDF ebooks from the Craft & Vision collection. These codes expire at 11:59pm PST May 15, 2011.

Jan 17th


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New eBook – Darwin Wiggett’s WINTER

I’ve been trying to get into one of Darwin Wiggett’s workshops for a few years now, and the timing just doesn’t seem to pan out. I love Darwin’s work and his experience and talent in the area of landscapes, especially winter landscapes, absolutely captivates me. So when we started talking about the possibility of an […]

Dec 15th


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New eBook – Light & Land

One of the ideas I had when I wrote Vision & Voice was to release an ebook version where people took some of the ideas and presented their own spin, sort of a “Your Voice, Your Vision.” kind of thing. Michael Frye’s new Craft & Vision title, released today, does this and much, much more. […]