Nov 15th


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Layover At Home & Other Stuff

Yours truly while contemplating my vision of beekeepers. Turns out my vision was to not get stung all over the face, thus the awesome hat. Photo Credit Gary Dowd.

I’m back from Bosnia-Herzegovina now, got in yesterday. Now back and in full swing. Client files to prep and deliver. Unpacking. Laundry. Stack of details. Then re-packing for 3 weeks in New Zealand and on the 28th I’m off to the land of Hobbits and Kiwis for 3 weeks in a VW with my cameras and the Legendary H on a personal project. In between that I’ve got a special project I’m working on that will lead me to a year living in a van down by the river. Or a Land Rover in various places between here and the other side of this vast continent. I’m still working out the kinks so I don’t want to show all my cards quite yet, but I’m pumped.

The new as-yet-unannounced plan takes me in several entirely new directions. One is a graduation of sorts. Later this month I’m releasing what will be, for a while, my last eBook about Vision-driven photography. It talks about some of the struggles and how to discover, or re-discover vision, and it’s a final plea for the folks who are still holding out, to reconsider how pragmatic this vision stuff really is. But vision is not the goal. Expression is the goal. And I’m feeling like the next step, as I continue to teach Vision-driven photography, is to discuss expression. So I hope you’ll all climb aboard when I release the next ebook, but even more I hope you’ll join me as I begin talking about the visual language, our means of expression. This is the rubber meeting the road kind of stuff. I’ve known it was coming for a while but wasn’t sure how, and…

To that end, and I’m really not meant to be talking about this, but, uh, I might have a friend and he might be really wishing he could tell you that he’s now started working on a 4th print book in a series of, uh, 3 previous books. And that book might be about the visual language and the ways in which we both speak about and speak through, the photograph. Lots of talk out there about photography, about gear, and WAY too much talk in these here parts about vision. It’s time to begin talking about photographs themselves and how we make them, and what they say. Or at least that’s what my friend says. I’ll tell you more when I’m allowed. I mean, when he’s allowed.

Will keep you posted on all these projects. This time at home is a layover of sorts. Just a chance to catch a breath and pay some bills between adventures, so I’m afraid there will be sporadic postings, but pop in once in a while because I’ll be talking more about all this stuff, giving some sneak previews as I can, and – I hope – posting postcards from the road in New Zealand. We’ve not yet slated the release of The Vision-Driven Photographer, but that’ll come soon as well.

Oct 27th


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New eBook – Close To Home

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Sep 29th


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New eBook – Journey Through Java

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Sep 8th


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Iceland, A Monograph – The Print & The Process

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