Aug 9th


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Home and Vision & Voice Winners Announced.

Wow, for a country just off the coast of Canada, it sure seemed to take a while to get back from Iceland. 24 hours of traveling, 2 border crossings, three airlines, and a couple hours of sleep later, and I’m home. What an amazing trip. This trip was a chance for me to do some creative exercises, get some down time (and by that I mean, working like a dog to keep up with Dave Delnea), and create a small body of work that I could add to my portfolio. I also wanted to come out of it with enough images to show, and lessons learned that I could teach and though I don’t know when it’ll release, the next Craft & Vision eBook out of me personally will be in The Print & The Process series and it’ll be about the Iceland trip. I’ve been chipping away at it, and I’m really excited to work on it, as these books are themselves part of the creative process for me. I’ll keep you posted, but don’t hold your breath, it’ won’t be for a little while.

On July 16th I posted a thing about the new book, Vision & Voice. A bunch of y’all put your names in the magic hat for signed copies and I’ve just drawn three names – the numbers that came up were #49, #166, and #273 – so congrats to Susan, Jennifer, and Noel. Emails have been sent, when you get me your shipping addresses I’ll fire these babies off to you!

While we’re on the topic of Vision & Voice, I’ve got what I hope is an appropriate and understated request. If you’ve read the book and enjoyed it, and can recommend it, would you leave a review on Amazon.com? I’m not asking for anything more than your enthusiasm and your honesty, but as it turns out this kind of thing makes a big difference in the world of books.

OK, more later. I have bags to unpack, a tent to dry out, sensors to clean, and a mound of “I’ve been away from the office for almost two weeks” to get through. Nice to be back, I missed y’all. :-)

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