Jan 17th


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New eBook – Darwin Wiggett’s WINTER

I’ve been trying to get into one of Darwin Wiggett’s workshops for a few years now, and the timing just doesn’t seem to pan out. I love Darwin’s work and his experience and talent in the area of landscapes, especially winter landscapes, absolutely captivates me. So when we started talking about the possibility of an eBook or two I was pumped when he agreed to throw his lot in with us.

Darwin’s eBook, Winter in the Canadian Rockies, is part of Craft & Vision’s The Print & The Process series. It’s a collection of gorgeous winter photographs, all taken close to his home near Alberta’s Rocky Mountains. The photographs are stunning, and they stand on their own to inspire, but where the book – and I hope all the books in the Print & Process series – really shines is in the accompanying discussion of the hows and whys of the creation of those photographs. In Darwin’s case this means discussions relevant to landscapes, and winter photography in general.Darwin’s a great teacher and is one of the good guys – he creates beautiful work and shares openly about his vision and technique.

Given the insane weather most of North America and Europe has already experiences this winter, the book couldn’t come at a better time, and gives us something creative to do in the unexpected blankets of snow. But even if you never shoot in the snow, getting into the mind of a talented and down-to-earth photographer like Darwin is worth more than the $5 you’ll pay for this eBook if you miss the discount. But there are discounts, so keep reading…

Like all our releases we want to get our books in front of the most eyeballs possible, and we want to make it as cheap as possible for those of you who keep buying these resources month after month. So if you pick up the PDF of  Darwin’s Winter in the Canadian Rockies before January 22, 11:59pm PST, it’s yours for $4 if you use the code: ROCKIES4 when you checkout. Or use ROCKIES20 to get 20% off your entire purchase when you buy 5 or more of the PDF eBooks (ie, the discounts don’t extend to the Apple iPad/iPod apps) from the Craft & Vision collection.

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Once again, thanks for all your support. In the coming month or so we’re hoping to put a survey out and get your input into how we can serve the photography community with these books, and make them even stronger. No product is so good it can’t be improved and as you folks are the key stake holders in this, we’d be thrilled for your feedback. So stay tuned. We’ll attach a nice draw/giveaway as a thank you for your input. :-)

Dec 15th


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New eBook – Light & Land

One of the ideas I had when I wrote Vision & Voice was to release an ebook version where people took some of the ideas and presented their own spin, sort of a “Your Voice, Your Vision.” kind of thing. Michael Frye’s new Craft & Vision title, released today, does this and much, much more. […]

Nov 15th


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Layover At Home & Other Stuff

Yours truly while contemplating my vision of beekeepers. Turns out my vision was to not get stung all over the face, thus the awesome hat. Photo Credit Gary Dowd. I’m back from Bosnia-Herzegovina now, got in yesterday. Now back and in full swing. Client files to prep and deliver. Unpacking. Laundry. Stack of details. Then […]

Oct 27th


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New eBook – Close To Home

The latest in the Craft & Vision eBook line-up is now out. Close To Home, Finding Great Photographs in Your Own Backyard, is a 37-page book about the challenges of finding the extraordinary in what we’ve come to see as mundane. We touched on this recently in Kathmandu while I was struggling to find my […]