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Apr 10th


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Weekend Wrap-Up


Wow, what a week. Ok, first, be sure to keep reading today, there’s a post under this one welcoming a new sponsor. Other than that, a few things to go into the long weekend with. I’m taking Monday off, so this has got to last you.

Yesterday was the soft-launch of my book, pictured left. My publisher, Peachpit, has released a sample of my book and it’s available for download. Go HERE for that announcement and to see what Scott Kelby, who is one of the few to have read the book, has to say about it. I’d post it again here, but it makes me blush. If you missed that post, please do read it – it’s about the biggest thing to happen in these here parts since, well, ever. The reactions to the sample chapter have been overwhelming – the comments and the emails, the tweets, all so encouraging – thank you! Just want to go to Amazon and pre-order it, here’s the link: Within the Frame on And HERE’s the B&N link too.

Second, Drobo has just released the DROBO Pro. It’s all the Drobo goodness, but with 8 bays and a triple interface. Drobo just left the home and into the business world. I want one of these so bad it hurts. For more information, look HERE. Gear is Good, Vision is Better, Backup is Mandatory. :-)

Third, one of the most popular posts I’ve ever done – no, THE most popular post – was last weeks bit about the things comedians can teach photographers. You can read that post HERE and the follow up post, which got overshadowed by the  book announcement yesterday, HERE.

Fourth, fellow Canadian and wildlife photographer Paul Burwell has a fantastic post on his blog about the top 10 mistakes that aspiring freelance photographers make, and that’s available HERE and worth a read.

Fifth, THIS makes me laugh. Math and I don’t get along. But photographers math? I wish I’d thought of this.

Sixth, keep reading, there’s one more post under this one, which due to the vagaries of the way articles get published, will actually publish first. Hmmm, so the first WILL be last… have a great weekend, y’all.

3 Ideas

I know the title of this post is lame. Sorry. And the photograph has nothing whatsoever to do with the post. Them’s the breaks. Lamayuru, Ladakh, India, 2008. I sat with two friends yesterday for lunch. Hamburgers at the Red Onion in Vancouver. One of these friends is easily one of the most accomplished magicians […]

Mar 26th


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I wish I'd known.

I got this in an email from one of my students recently and it gave me a chuckle: “You know you’re an amateur when you get your first email from a stranger who wants you to do business  portraits, and your flip your lid- I’m getting paid for this?! SWEET!   Then you promptly head to […]

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